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10 Things You’ll Fall in Love with While Studying Abroad in the Summer

by AIFS Abroad
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Do you want to study abroad? Haven’t had time to do so yet? Studying abroad in the summer is the perfect solution.

Summer is an appealing time for students to study abroad who are heavily involved in, or who don’t want to miss out on, campus life. Although summer study abroad programs are short-term, there are many things you’ll fall in love with while studying abroad in the summer that can last a lifetime.

Here are 10 things you’ll fall in love with while studying abroad in the summer:

1. The Friendships You’ll Form

Honestly, few friendships compare to those you make while studying abroad. Not only will you form friendships with AIFS students from around the United States, you might also form international friendships with local students too. Sometimes, the friendships formed between study abroad students are so strong that they turn into love stories.

2. Getting Ahead of Your Classes

Studying abroad in the summer is a fantastic way to get ahead of your classes and credits. By completing a few semester credits abroad in the summer, you’ll free up space on your schedule for the fall and spring.

3. Resume Boosting Opportunities

In a world that’s so globally connected, it’s now more important than ever to travel and experience other cultures. That’s why studying abroad is an awesome resume booster. Looking for internship or volunteer experience? There are plenty of summer internship and volunteer opportunities abroad that will make your resume shine.

4. The Short Program Length

If you get homesick easily, you’ll love the length of our summer study abroad programs. You’ll also love the fact that you won’t miss out on any fun events on campus while you’re away. While just short enough to avoid homesickness, our summer programs also give you ample time to fully experience life abroad.

5. Your Increased Self-Confidence

While studying abroad, you’ll probably realize that you have a lot more self-confidence than before. The independence and self-confidence you gain abroad will fly back with you to the United States, and into your fall semester.

6. Unique Course Options

If you’ve planned to take your major and minor classes at your home institution, summer is a fantastic time to study another subject abroad. We offer an array of exciting and interactive summer courses for students with all sorts of interests. Topics include Comparative Healthcare in England, Italy, and Spain, Wine Marketing in Italy — to name a few!

7. Different Languages and Cultures

Studying abroad creates a greater appreciation for different languages and cultures. It’s one thing to read about another country, language, or culture. Until you experience it firsthand, though, you’ll never quite know what it’s like. Studying abroad alters your perspective (in the best way).

8. The Sights, Smells, and Sounds

While exploring a new city, you’ll fall in love with new sights, smells, and sounds. As you explore landmarks you’d only seen before in history books, smell regional specialties, and hear local music, accents, and expressions, your sense of global curiosity will thrive.

9. The Stories You’ll Tell for the Rest of Your Life

Studying abroad in the summer will give you stories to share for the rest of your life. When you return home, your study abroad journey will continue for years as you reminisce on memories with study abroad friends or describe your adventures to others.

10. Your Heightened Awareness of the World Around You

One of the most fantastic things you’ll fall in love with while studying abroad this summer is your increased awareness of the world around you. Studying abroad will introduce you to new passions, improve your knowledge of another country, and totally transform the way you see your world.

10 Things You’ll Fall in Love with While Studying Abroad in the Summer | AIFS Study Abroad
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