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Benefits of Studying Abroad During the Fall Semester

by AIFS Abroad
AIFS Abroad Students in Grenoble, France during fall semester

Not sure when to study abroad? While there is no wrong time, there are plenty of advantages to studying abroad during the fall semester. From dreamy holiday markets to the buzz of a new school year, you’ll love your fall study abroad adventure. 

Here are 5 reasons to study abroad during the fall semester: 

1. The weather  

Fall semester is a beautiful time of year for hiking, sightseeing, and visiting new places, especially if you’ve been stuck in the same routine at home. Experience autumn throughout most of Europe and the Northern Hemisphere – or choose a destination in the Southern Hemisphere and get a sneak-peek of spring weather. If you love the summer sun, extend the warm weather into fall semester by choosing a more tropical destination! From autumn festivals to leaf peeping, there are plenty of fun activities to enjoy during your fall semester abroad.  

2. Holiday markets 

Experience the holiday season abroad! Europe is well-known for its many holiday markets during the month of December. When you study abroad during the fall semester, you can experience the magic of holiday markets and even surprise your loved ones with unique gifts from your travels. 

3. Time to prepare 

You won’t have to worry that the anticipation of going abroad will distract you from exams. Instead, you’ll have the whole summer to prepare for (and daydream about!) your upcoming adventure. From renewing your passport to packing your bags, you can get a jumpstart on your fall semester abroad before the school year begins. 

4. Avoid FOMO 

When you study abroad during the fall, you won’t miss graduation and end-of-the-school-year activities at your home campus. Are you a senior graduating in the spring? Studying abroad in the fall ensures that you’ll be back in time to put the finishing touches on your degree. You’ll also be home in time to land a summer job or internship.  

5. Back-to-school buzz  

One of the best parts of studying abroad? Making friends from all over the world! Although this can happen at any time of the year, it can be a little easier to make new friends abroad at the beginning of a new school year. Plus, AIFS programs include plenty of social and cultural activities to help you make meaningful connections throughout the semester. 

Here’s what some of our alumni have to say about their experience studying abroad during the fall semester: 

“I had a wonderful time in Fall 2019. Staff and programs were fantastic and helped create a wonderful experience for me!” – Brooke T., AIFS in Salzburg, Austria alum. 

“I studied abroad in the fall of 2019, in Barcelona, Spain. These four months were some of the best four months of my life! Everyone from AIFS was super helpful, nice, and fun! My apartment was great and in a convenient location! There is nothing I would change about my experience.” – Jacob N., AIFS in Barcelona, Spain alum. 

Dreaming of spending your fall semester abroad? 

AIFS offers a range of fall semester study abroad programs, including internship and volunteer opportunities. 

Benefits of Study Abroad in Fall Semester
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