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Top Places to Study Romance Languages Abroad

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Last Updated on February 7, 2023 by AIFS Abroad

Ready to take your language knowledge up a notch? Doing a study abroad program can help you get closer to fluency in the four most widely spoken Romance languages — Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian. Plus, brushing up on these stimulating dialects could open doors for opportunities in your future! 

Here’s where you can study the four most widely spoken Romance languages abroad: 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Spanish Language Study Abroad: 


Experience Latin American culture and enhance your Spanish language skills in Buenos Aires. Students studying abroad in Argentina’s capital city can take Spanish language courses during the fall semester, spring semester and summer term.  

Those who have an Advanced level of Spanish can take courses with local students through the Immersion Program. Specialized programs focusing on medical Spanish immersion and second language acquisition are also offered during the summer.  

Living with a host family is one of the best ways to learn Spanish. Students studying abroad in Argentina have the option to live in a homestay with a local Argentine family.  

Young woman looking at environment and volcano in Costa Rica
San José, Costa Rica


Begin or strengthen your Spanish language proficiency in beautiful Costa Rica. Students studying abroad in San José can take Spanish language courses during the fall semester, spring semester or summer term.  

Homestays are one of the most effective ways to boost your language skills. In Costa Rica, study abroad students live with a local host family. 

Viña del Mar, Chile


Spanish language courses are available from Beginner to Advanced during the fall and spring semesters in Chile. Students take a placement exam after arriving in Viña del Mar. Those who have an Advanced level of proficiency in Spanish have the opportunity to take courses with local students through the Pregrado Program. 

Study abroad students in Viña del Mar live in a homestay with a local host family. Many students tell us this is the most rewarding part of their experience. It’s definitely a great way to improve your Spanish language skills and immerse yourself in Chilean culture! 

Valencia, Spain


Unsurprisingly, one of the best places to learn Spanish is in Spain. Courses in the most widely spoken of the Romance languages are available in all our program locations in Spain (listed above). No matter where you are in your language-learning journey, there’s a program for you. Spanish language courses range from the Beginner to Advanced level in Spain. 

In all Spain program locations, AIFS Abroad participants can live with a local family. Living in a homestay is one of the most effective methods of improving your language skills and gaining a unique perspective on Spanish culture.  

Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal

Portuguese Language Study Abroad: 


Interested in dipping your toes into studying the Romance languages? During the summer, you can start learning the second most widely spoken Romance language in Lisbon. While the program mostly focuses on business courses taught in English, a survival Portuguese language course is available to all students during the summer term. 

Cannes, France harbor
Cannes, France

French Language Study Abroad: 


French language courses are available in three dynamic places in France: Cannes, Grenoble and – of course – Paris. Each of these cities offers French language courses from the Beginner to Advanced level. 

Students studying abroad in any of our three program locations can live in a homestay with a local French family. This is one of the best ways to increase your language skills and experience French culture first-hand. Bon voyage! 

View of the Duomo in Florence, Italy
Florence, Italy

Italian Language Study Abroad: 


Italian Language courses are offered at all proficiency levels from Elementary to Advanced in three cities in Italy: Florence, Rome and Milan. In Milan, students placing into a higher level of Italian language may be able to take some courses with local students while studying abroad. 

In Rome, students have the option to live with a host family in a homestay during their program abroad. One major benefit of living with a local family is that you’ll be fully immersed in the Italian language and culture.  

Want to study something other than Romance languages abroad? 

You’re in luck – many AIFS Abroad programs don’t require you to study a language while abroad. Whether you’re interested in learning non-Romance languages (like German or Afrikaans), or you’re looking for courses taught in English in other academic fields, we can help you have the experience you want abroad. 

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