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What is a May Term Study Abroad Program?

by AIFS Abroad
Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy during Springtime

Each year as the Spring semester winds down, many students wonder: what’s next? Those few weeks after finals are typically filled with downtime—maybe too much! It’s easy to lose your momentum and get locked in a rhythm of Netflix and Instagram scrolling. Did you know it’s possible to jet off to a foreign country to study abroad for a month, before summer even hits?

Discover why May Term is becoming an increasingly popular choice among students seeking an enriching global adventure. 

What is May Term?

Unlike traditional semester-long programs or multi-month summer programs, May Term sessions are short in duration. This compressed timeframe allows you to experience a concentrated burst of learning, exploration, and cultural immersion in a relatively short period.

Accommodating Academic Schedules 

One of the key advantages of May Term is its timing, particularly for students with busy academic schedules. It allows students to pursue international experiences without disrupting their regular coursework. This enables students to make the most of their time off. 

May Term is also great if you have alternative commitments during the thick of summer. Students who want to pursue a global education opportunity but also have other summer plans, like an internship or family obligations, may find this program type ideal for their schedule.

Cultural Immersion 

There’s nothing better than immersing yourself in the local culture, traditions, and everyday life of a new country – and studying abroad on a May Term program will give you just that! By stepping out of your comfort zones and navigating new environments, you will develop valuable skills such as confidence, independence, communication, and problem-solving, all within a short period of time.

Find your place in the world after Spring semester — consider a May Term study abroad program!

If you’re seeking an enriching adventure that fits easily into your schedule, consider embarking on a May Term study abroad session. The world is waiting for you! Trust us. It’s way better than laying around at home.

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