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Benefits of Studying Abroad During May Term

by AIFS Abroad
Cannes, France

So – you’re set on studying abroad and already dreaming of your chosen destination, but can’t figure out when the ideal time is to go. Have you considered our May Term? It’s arguably the most convenient time to have your adventure and it might be perfect for you!

Here are 7 of the many benefits of doing a study abroad program during May Term:

1. Catch a glimpse of life abroad.

Experience life as a student overseas without being away from home for too long. May Term students are less likely to get homesick. You’ll get the chance to see if traveling abroad is for you and meet new people in the process.  

The best part? If you decide to go abroad again with AIFS Abroad, you may be eligible for a grant for returning participants. 

2. It can be more affordable.

Affordability is a common concern for college students who want to go abroad! Studying abroad during May Term is a great budget-friendly choice. Since May programs are shorter in length, they typically are less expensive than semester-long programs. You could also be eligible for grants or scholarships to study abroad during May Term. Be sure to check with your home institution’s study abroad or international education office to see if you qualify for any other financial aid opportunities, like third-party scholarships.


Set on studying abroad and ✨dreaming✨ of your chosen destination, but can’t figure out when the ideal time is to go? Consider May Term! Check out a few of its many benefits in this video! Have questions about May Term? If so, leave ’em down below! 💬 #studyabroad #studyabroadprograms #maymester #mayterm #maysession #summerabroad #summerstudyabroad #collegestudentlife #collegelife #aifsabroad

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3. You won’t miss any time on campus. 

Unsure about committing to an entire semester abroad because you love being on campus? Enter: May Term. When you choose a program in May, you won’t miss any sports, activities, social events, or courses at your home university. You’ll be back with plenty of time to enjoy the rest of summer and start your fall semester with your friends!

4. Optimal weather in many locations. 

The pleasant weather and blossoming landscapes of May make for an ideal backdrop to your study abroad journey! Whether you choose a program in a European destination, a tropical location, or beyond, you’ll find more comfortable temperatures, longer daylight hours, and an atmosphere that enhances your overall experience. 

5. Earn credits during at the start of your summer break. 

College students who want to study abroad but have a hectic academic or extracurricular schedule during the regular school year will love May Term because it helps maximize the time between Fall and Spring semester. When you do a May Term program, which will start just after Spring semester ends, you can take rigorous courses, participate in hands-on experiential learning, and gain a global perspective — all complementing your studies back home without putting your graduation trajectory off-track. You’ll return home by June with newfound knowledge, skills, and a fresh perspective that will enhance your future academic pursuits.  

6. Experience unique cultural celebrations.

During May, many captivating cultural celebrations and festivals happen around the world. From the Chianti Wine Festival in Tuscany to the vibrant floral displays of the Chelsea Flower Show in London, May is a month filled with cultural events that showcase the traditions and heritage of different regions.  

7. Enjoy smaller group sizes and personalized experiences.

Due to its short-term nature, it is likely that May Term programs will see smaller group sizes, allowing for more personalized and intimate experiences. You’ll get to have closer interactions with professors, local communities, and fellow classmates. This creates a supportive and tight-knit environment.

The benefits of doing a study abroad program during May Term are endless.

If you’re thinking of studying abroad, our May Term may be a great fit for you. Don’t miss out on this perfect window of opportunity. Let May become the month that forever shapes your global perspective. 

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