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5 Top Cities for Public Relations Internships

by AIFS Abroad
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As globalization increases, it is increasingly important that those working in in Public Relations (PR) learn the ability to successfully communicate with people across cultures, languages, and socio-economic status. That’s why a lot of firms value candidates and employees who have experience doing a PR internship abroad. Though you can intern in PR in pretty much any city in the world, there are a few especially incredible locations we recommend. 

Here are a handful of amazing places to do an internship abroad if you want to be a PR professional:

1. Sydney, Australia

The land down under is known for its informal working environments, with boots and jeans more common than dress shoes and khakis. But don’t let that fool you! Not only is Sydney’s PR scene known for being incredibly media savvy, but it is also often the gateway for Western countries to access the Eastern market, including Japan, China, and South Korea. The city’s unconventional methods may not be what you’re used to, but American firms will value your ability to think out of the box after your time in Sydney

2. London, England

London’s PR industry is young, fast-paced, and dynamic. This not only makes it great for professional connections, but you’re also going to interact with like-minded individuals who want to socialize. In Britain, tabloid newspapers are very significant to the media landscape. Learning to anticipate and respond to tabloid coverage will make PR interns who spend time in the London very valuable in American culture when it comes to crisis management.

3. Dublin, Ireland

When you think of Dublin, you might think of traditional Irish instruments being played in a pub. There’s plenty of that, of course, but Ireland’s capital city is developing a reputation as a European technology hub. As a result, the PR industry is thriving. Dublin’s rich start-up culture makes it a unique work experience for PR interns. Because of the small company sizes, it is not uncommon to work closely with Founders/CEO’s and other executives, giving interns priceless insight into the needs of upper management. 

4. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona takes PR so seriously that in 2010 they crafted and endorsed the “Barcelona Principles,” which is the first overreaching framework for PR and communications measurements. If you’re itching to do an internship abroad at a PR firm in Barcelona but are worried about your Spanish, don’t be! AIFS Abroad will match you to a firm based on your language level. You’ll be diving into the city’s world-renowned culture and connecting with colleagues in no time.

5. New York City, USA

Though not outside the country, New York City is a PR monster unto itself. As the business capital of the world, the Big Apple offers endless opportunities in PR in any subcategory — everything from fashion, to NGO/non-profits. NYC values self-starters who show extreme dedication, drive and the ability to get your hands dirty in tasks that may be outside of what you expect. Because NYC firms have their pick of candidates from all over world, you’ll be expected to prove yourself, but if you can, as they say, you can pretty much make it anywhere. 

If you’re considering a PR internship abroad, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at AIFS Abroad, we offer incredible program options in all the above locations and more! If you’re passionate about Public Relations and also want to have valuable experience abroad, take a look at our internship program offerings and kick-start your journey to finding a career you love.

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