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10 Reasons Why You Should Intern Abroad 

by AIFS Abroad
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Internships are a great way to dip your toe into the working world. You gain real work experience, and often academic credit. But with the job market being so competitive, how can you separate yourself from the rest of your peers? Being an intern abroad offers a unique opportunity to stand out from the competition to future employers — and it’s easy to see why. You’ll not only add some spice to your resume, but also to your life in general. 

Here are a few of the many reasons why you should not only intern, but intern abroad:

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1. It’s a Professional Experience 

Like any internship, an international internship will help you enhance your professional skills and improve your resume. But it also will set you apart from other interns, as it adds another layer of complexity to you and your background. It will show prospective employers that you have the drive to go off the beaten path and are able to complete your tasks under unfamiliar circumstances.


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2. You Gain Confidence 

Doing an internship in another city is a challenge on its own, but a new country is a whole different ball game. From potential language barriers to having to learn the customs and laws of your host country, you’ll have a lot to adapt to. It can be scary, but all the challenges you’ll face abroad during your international internship will help you gain confidence in your own abilities.  

3. It’s an Excuse to Travel 

We don’t want to bury the lead here. Traveling is fun and you should find any excuse to do it when you’re able! If you want to intern abroad to experience new cultures, see amazing sights, and eat wonderful food, there’s nothing wrong with that. The more you travel, the more stories you’ll have, and the more fulfilling your life will be. 

4. You Gain Cultural Awareness 

Having an international perspective will help you relate to people in and outside of the workplace. It will strengthen your soft skills, like communication and positivity. Different cultures have different customs, and being able to be sensitive to that is something that employers greatly value. 

“By doing an internship abroad, I learned so much more about British culture and about what it’s like living as a true Londoner. I spent a lot of my summer with British people that I met there, which allowed me to see local places that a tourist may not normally get to see.”

Jamie S., AIFS Abroad in London, England alum

5. You’ll Learn to Adapt 

Anyone who has lived or interned abroad will tell you that nothing makes you learn faster than immersing yourself in a new city or country. You will need to quickly learn to understand the nuances of a new culture, language and workplace behavior. Knowing that you’re adaptable will be a relief to future employers, who want their employees to get up to speed ASAP. 

“… the JNRC welcomed over 300 guests from all over the world every day. This allowed me to interact with people from various nations, cultures, languages, religions, backgrounds, educations, professions, races, and ethnicities. Being in such an environment granted me the chance to learn how to be mindful of my mannerisms, the things I said, and the ways I interacted with others in an effort to not make anyone feel unwelcome or offended… Engaging with people from different cultures and backgrounds was an invaluable experience. The work was challenging yet fulfilling — the best kind of work.”

Justin E., AIFS Abroad in Rome, Italy alum from Howard University

6. You’ll Learn to Be Independent 

Living abroad can be daunting, but once you’re there and are in the thick of your internship, you’ll discover a real sense of independence and empowerment. You’ll be able to take this with you into the next step in your career. It’s one off the most amazing reasons why you should intern abroad 

7. It’s a Trial Run for Your Career Field 

It can be tough to tell if you really love the career you’re about to embark on before you experience what it’s like to work in it on a day-to-day basis. So, an internship can act as a test run for this. You not only get to see what the industry is like, but also what you do and don’t like in a job. If it ends up that you need to reevaluate your focus when you get home or after graduation, that’s okay! You’ve still gained experience in the workforce, some great transferable skills, AND you got to travel! 

“Personally and professionally, I have learned more about what type of work environment suits me best based on my personality and working styles, and what I hope to get out of my future work environments on a day-to-day basis.”

Hannah S., AIFS Abroad in Prague, Czech Republic alum from Rhodes College

8. You’ll Improve Your Language Skills 


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Immersing yourself in a country that speaks a different language is the best and fastest way to improve your language skills. Facing the language barrier in a non-English speaking country is difficult, but it will dramatically increase your fluency within that language — trial by fire. 

9. You’ll Create an International Network 

You can never have too many people in your network! Broadening that network to include international colleagues increases your value and opens the doors to so many more opportunities. During your internship abroad, you’ll make connections with your host employer, other interns, and leaders within your industry overseas.

PS: Did you know AIFS Abroad offers networking events that let interns practice their networking skills while making connections? 

“I was placed in the Embassy of the Republic of Malta to Italy…  I attended sessions of the FAO and took notes in order to prepare reports for the Ambassador. Speaking of the Ambassador, I was also able to interact with and learn from her, which was an amazing experience! I was also able to attend a reception where the President of Malta was present to celebrate the anniversary of the Embassy in Rome! Meet a sitting president is something I’ll never forget.”

Caleb C., AIFS Abroad in Rome, Italy alum from the University of St. Thomas

10. It’s FUN! 

There are so many professional reasons why you should intern abroad, but for what it’s worth, it’s also a whole lot of fun! Interning abroad is an adventure of a lifetime. You’ll make tons of memories and lasting friendships. Even on your most stressful days, you’ll be able to remind yourself that you’re working in the career of your dreams in a country you’ve always wanted to visit. 

Ready to intern abroad? We’re here to help. 

You deserve a career you love. AIFS Abroad offers intern abroad opportunities in a wide variety of destinations and career fields. Ready to have a life-changing internship experience in another country?

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