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Can International Experience Get You Hired?

by AIFS Abroad
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If there’s one common fear among new graduates, it’s finding a good job right out of college. With so many entry-level jobs requiring previous experience, it can sometimes feel impossible to break into the field you studied. So how can you set yourself apart from job applicants with similar degrees and resumes? The secret to getting hired could be the global experience gained from an international internship or study abroad program.  

Here’s how your international experience can be the key to hearing “You’re hired!”: 

You’ll make connections across the world… 

International internships and education opportunities abroad can help you establish a global network. The connections you make through interning or studying abroad can help expose you to new opportunities. With AIFS Abroad, you also gain access to our robust alumni network and resources.

…And you will have a better idea of what you want in a job. 

A recent survey of our alumni found that 96% agree that their international experience gave them a better understanding of themselves and their values. When you study abroad and/or intern abroad with AIFS, you’ll have a deep understanding of your strengths thanks to our professional development resources. 

International experience makes your resume stand out… 

The majority of our alumni report that their time abroad impacted their job search. 66% of AIFS Abroad alumni have been asked about their time abroad in job interviews, with 40% reporting that they were told that their international experience sets them apart from other candidates. That’s a big boost toward getting hired! 

…And helps you prove you have what it takes to get the job done. 

After job searching for a bit, you start to notice that nearly every employer is looking for candidates with certain soft skills. Most employers want someone who can communicate effectively, work independently and adapt to their work environment. When you study or intern abroad, you’re mastering these skills employers crave. In fact, a whopping 96% of AIFS Abroad alumni agree that their international experience contributed to their ability to be independent. 

Plus, you’ll benefit from international experience even after you’re hired.  

Studies suggest that the impact of going abroad isn’t just beneficial to getting hired, but also linked to happiness in the workplace. An impressive 86% of our alumni reported that their time abroad contributed to the importance they place on having personal fulfillment in their work.

Going abroad changes you for the better – and can give you the career boost you need to get hired. 

A study abroad experience and/or internship program with AIFS Abroad is your way to stand out and find your dream career. You’ll gain international and career experience that will not only get you hired but also change your life. 

Can International Experience Get You Hired? Two professional women talking in an office
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