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AIFS Abroad Named #1 Top Rated Study Abroad Provider of 2023 by GoAbroad

by AIFS Abroad
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Just in time for award season, we’re excited to announce that AIFS Abroad has officially been named the #1 Top Rated Study Abroad Provider of 2023 by GoAbroad, a long-standing and well-respected online directory and review site for international education programs. 

We don’t do what we do for awards or recognition, but this acknowledgment is incredibly meaningful to our team, as it symbolizes how our participants feel about the quality and impact of our programs. It means the literal world to us. 

If you don’t mind, we’d like to take the time to make an acceptance speech of sorts. *clears throat* 

But first, what is GoAbroad? 

GoAbroad is a website for people (mainly college students) looking for opportunities to study, volunteer, intern, or work abroad. Think of it like a Google for study abroad programs and more! The site is notable for its reviews section, where users can share their experiences and insights about different programs and providers. These reviews contribute to the platform’s reputation for offering valuable, real-world perspectives on various international opportunities. So, needless to say, this is big for us. 

What’s our rating? 

We’d like to thank our former participants, their parents, and their advisors who took the time to rate and review us! We’re incredibly proud of our consistently high rating and the 1,400+ reviews from our community. 

What are people saying? 

But don’t take it from us! Here are some actual reviews that contributed to us being named the Top Rated Study Abroad Provider of 2023. 

Such a rewarding experience! 

“I did my junior semester abroad and I had the opportunity to meet so many other students who gave me support and became family for me. We were all in this together and I was so excited to explore the city and live in a different context than my own. The program and the people who make it work do such an amazing job at being supportive and frequently check in with the students. I recommend the program!”

— Aurora B., AIFS Abroad in Barcelona, Spain (2023)

The most culturally immersive experience of my life!

“Even though my time in Granada with AIFS was short (spanning the month of June 2023), it was time enough for my worldview and self perception to be drastically expanded and changed for the better. I was given freedom to explore the city on my own (as well as outside sites included in the program itinerary) and with friends and meet native Spaniards as well as other travelers, especially other European students on Erasmus with the security of knowing i’m safe and have access to healthcare and assurances with direct access to my program coordinators who we all got to know on a personal level. Academically, the classes all had cultural components to them so we could be immersed in Spanish culture and we were given freedom to adjust our class schedules to accommodate for specifics of our home institutions and preferences. The included excursions were amazing and we were given time away from the set itinerary to explore on our own (Seville, Cordoba, Nerja, etc). We also had time off of school and myself and my group of friends were able to take a vacation to Mallorca with a cheap plane ticket!! I have genuinely nothing bad to say about my experience with AIFS in Granada and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to study abroad!”

— Isabella C., AIFS Abroad in Granada, Spain (2023)

Discovering myself through study abroad

“Studying abroad in Florence was an incredibly life changing experience that exceeded all expectations. The program seamlessly combined academic rigor with cultural immersion. The professors were not only experts in their fields but also passionate about sharing the beauty of Florence, making my experience more genuine and personal. 
The city itself is a masterpiece. Exploring iconic landmarks like the Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vecchio, and the Duomo became an integral part of our education, and was even more meaningful to me because of my professors knowledge and the fact that I was able to experience it with lifelong friends. 
The program coordinators went above and beyond to ensure our safety, comfort, and integration into the local community. The apartment option provided an authentic glimpse into Italian life in the city, and fostered friendships and language skills that will last a lifetime. 
Florence became not just a classroom, but a second home where we painted memories and grew academically, culturally, and personally. I wholeheartedly recommend this study abroad program to anyone seeking an immersive, transformative experience in one of the most captivating cities in the world.”

— Julia D., AIFS Abroad in Florence, Italy (2023)

Created life long relationships <3

“Studying abroad with AIFS at UAB Barcelona was a transformative experience. The program not only provided excellent academic opportunities but also fostered a supportive community. I’m grateful for the lifelong connections and friendships formed, making my time in Spain truly unforgettable.”

— Mariana V., AIFS Abroad in Barcelona, Spain (2023)

I became a better version of myself.

“My time in London through the AIFS program was life changing. The program staff was always there for support, especially when I had a time where I was feeling down on myself. They assured me they were always there to talk, and it never felt awkward or uncomfortable talking to program staff about my personal life. They made it so easy to get things off my chest and were great confidants. I left London more independent than I had arrived. The program pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best way possible. I could not stop crying when I had to leave because studying abroad through AIFS was the best time of my life and I didn’t want to leave the program or the amazing people I met in the program.”

— Dae H., AIFS Abroad in London, England (2023) 

Best [Decision] Ever!

“I knew that I wanted to study abroad in Germany from my first German class in HS, however I was unsure if it would actually happen. After looking for several program and attending my schools abroad fair, i decided on the AIFS program in Berlin. It was hands down one of the best [decisions] of my life. I was able to immerse myself in the culture, learn basics of the [language], and make friends that are gonna last a lifetime. AIFS had apartments that were super close to the city center in Charlottenburg, and super close to both the bus and the U-Bahn (subway).

With this program we also traveled to several cities in Germany with AIFS and I [chose] the option to [travel] to [Prague] and Nuremberg with the FU-Best program, which is one of the programs that your courses are done through.

The FU-Best course were good, especially the German courses. German courses were everyday Mon-Thurs. There are also elective course in which i took a german cinema class that covered films before 1945 and a Berlin Architecture class that covered from the 1920’s to Modern day… Overall the program was one of the best [decisions] of my life.”

— Michael W., AIFS Abroad in Berlin, Germany (2023)

Great time getting to know Madrid! 

“I really enjoyed the AIFS summer program in Madrid at the University of Nebrija. I took an invigorating class on the Spanish culture and was able to practice my Spanish language skills in many different settings. In addition to the classes, the program provided us ample opportunities to explore the city and immerse ourselves in the day to day lives of Madrilenos.”

— Ian M., AIFS Abroad in Madrid, Spain (2023)

Life changing support and experiences! 

“The level of acceptance and support I received while abroad was life changing. As a trans man I was nervous about traveling and having my identity respected, but the AIFS staff welcomed me with open arms and continued to advocate for me through my entire time there. My host family was beyond everything I could have imagined and I was able to create a bond with them which I believe will last a lifetime. I could not be more grateful for my experiences with AIFS and I’m eager to see more of the world on my own.”

— Adi H., AIFS Abroad in Barcelona, Spain (2023)

Change your horizons! 

“When I got back to my home university my friend asked how I would describe my trip in three words, discovery, blessing, and fun! It completely rocked my view of the world and travel in general, to see the beauty of another culture is a great opportunity. I also learned a lot about myself and life as I navigated relationships and everyday interactions in a different language. At times it was challenging but it was also so much fun. The number one reason I was afraid to go was because of my fear of missing out on something at my home university, but that was not the case at all I missed a few fun times but nothing worth changing my trip to France and my friends were still there when I got back! Last, I was definitely blessed because I feel the three greatest factors on any study abroad trip are the host family, school and roommate and all of these factors were tremendous! If you are considering study abroad this is a no brainer, do it and it’s okay to go without someone you know!

— Harold N., AIFS Abroad in Paris, France (2023) 


“I absolutely loved my time in Valencia! The Resident Director of my program, Janan, was amazing! She helped us get connected in the community and never failed to plan a fun event. I’ll never forget my experience there!”

— Mikayla E., AIFS Abroad in Valencia, Spain (2023) 

You just had to be there!

“Studying abroad in Seville with AIFS was the best decision I’ve ever made. This program changed my life and opened me eyes to a world of travel, culture, and new friends. My program advisor in Seville was WONDERFUL and took his time to get to know us, make us feel comfortable in a new city, and was always a call away. I was able to visit 9 countries while abroad since the way the program is set up makes it easy to go on weekend trips. I cannot wait to go back and visit Seville someday. Thank you AIFS for giving me friends I will have forever, and an experience I will keep with me forever.”

— Andrea T., AIFS Abroad in Seville, Spain (2023)

Before the music plays us off, we’d like to extend the invitation to study and intern abroad to you as well! 

If you want to learn first hand about the experiences that helped dub us the Top Rated Study Abroad Provider of 2023, we’d love to help you start your journey! On top of stellar academic programming and pre-professional experiences abroad, our programs include a lot. With inclusions such as tuition, housing, insurance, excursions and activities, on-site staff, and emergency support, you’ll have a stress-free global education experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in a brand new city while earning college credits! 

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