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Benefits of Doing a Short-Term Study Abroad Program

by AIFS Abroad
AIFS Abroad participants in Inis Orr, Ireland

Jealous of a friend who just got back from a life changing semester overseas? It happens. All those exciting stories can be hard to hear if studying abroad doesn’t seem like it’s in your future. But AIFS Abroad has your back. Our short-term study abroad programs are here to help make your dream a reality.

Here are some of the many benefits of pursuing a short-term study abroad program option like Summer, January Term, or May Term.

1. Flexibility and Convenience 

If you’re a busy bee with a jam-packed schedule, a short-term study abroad option might be the right fit for you. Instead of dedicating an entire semester or year to a study abroad experience, a January Term, May Term, or Summer program is the perfect length for you if you don’t want to miss the exciting opportunities they have lined-up at home. Your academic goals, social plans, and travel dreams can finally align!


What are the pros of a short-term study abroad program? 🤔 If you can’t commit to a full semester abroad, a short-term program is the way to go. Whether you choose summer, May Term, or January Term, you’ll find flexibility to accommodate your personal schedule. Plus, these short-term opportunities to study abroad offer a gateway to immersive cultural experiences, exciting academics, lasting friendships, and self-transformation. Have questions about doing a short-term study abroad program? 💬✨ Leave them in the comments! #aifs #aifsabroad #studyabroadprograms #studyabroad #shorttermsstudyabroadprograms #shorttermsstudyabroad #mayterm #summerstudyabroad #januaryterm #collegestudents #summerabroad #summer

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2. Intensive Cultural Immersion 

Short-term study abroad programs may be brief, but they pack a punch. AIFS Abroad ensures that every moment will be filled with adventure. It’s a whirlwind experience: sightseeing, amazing food, cool local markets, tons of conversation. These are memories that will last forever.

3. Gain Credits and Add To Your Resume 

Short-term study abroad programs offer the perfect balance of coursework and experiential learning. With programs everywhere from Florence to Dublin, AIFS Abroad will make you into a true scholar-adventurer. Gain insights, learn from experts, and continue to excel in your field of study. You don’t have to leave home for a long time in order to add an international twist to your resume! Best of all, participating in a short-term program will allow you to earn college credits while the school year isn’t in session. This can help you graduate on time or even get ahead!

4. Friends, Fun, and Future Connections 

All it takes is a few weeks in an engaging environment to forge lifelong friendships. When you study abroad, you tend to meet like-minded peers from every corner of the globe. These connections will open doors to future collaborations, internships, and career opportunities that will prepare you for life beyond college in ways a classroom could never. You’ll level up your game, and have fun while doing so.

5. Personal Growth 

Many students who attend short-term study abroad programs with AIFS Abroad return for more. Getting to experience a variety of destinations, rather than just one will give you a diverse view of the world. You will become a pro at adapting to new customs and mastering global communication. Students who go out of their comfort zone in this way are proven to be more resilient, independent, and confident. 

Short-term study abroad programs are a key to unlocking the world.

With the flexibility to accommodate your personal schedule, these short-term opportunities to study abroad offer so many benefits — a gateway to immersive cultural experiences, academic excellence, everlasting friendships, and profound self-transformation. It’s an extraordinary expedition designed for you to seize! What are you waiting for? 

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