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Student Spotlight: Q&A with Maggie Auffarth – Publishing Intern

by AIFS Abroad
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Internships abroad are a fantastic way to prepare for a professional career—and garner valuable contacts and experience. Plus, adding global skills and work history to your CV through an international student internship is a marvelous way to set yourself apart in pursuit of the career of your dreams.

AIFS Abroad student Maggie Auffarth was given a variety of responsibilities and had a fantastic experience as an intern at a lifestyle magazine during her time as a student abroad in London.

In the following Q&A, Maggie shares how her editorial internship was a great opportunity to learn more about journalism and the publishing industry.

Where do you study in the U.S., and why did you choose intern abroad in London?

Back home, I am student at Wheaton College in Illinois. I chose London because I’m an English major, so naturally I’ve always been fascinated by the literary history here. I also thought that international work experience would add an interesting dimension to my CV and offer a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Where did you intern and what were your responsibilities?

As an editorial intern at a lifestyle magazine in Wimbledon, I was responsible for writing articles, editing other people’s work, interviewing people for features in the magazine, researching local events, and helping out with anything else that might come up at the office.

What skills did you use the most during your internship?

I would say the skill I used most on a day-to-day basis was communication (both verbal and written), which is imperative when working on something as collaborative as a magazine. Flexibility was also a skill that I had the opportunity to develop during my time at the magazine, because change is often an essential part of an issue’s development.

How will these skills be useful to you in your future career?

The importance of written and verbal communication in publishing cannot be overstated, so obviously the experience I gained as an editorial intern will go a long way in helping me to flourish in an office setting where writing and interpersonal communication is a major part of the everyday activity. I also think that flexibility is very useful, as it allows me to adapt quickly to changes in an industry that must keep up with the times.

What did you enjoy the most about your internship?

There were many great aspects to my internship at the magazine, but I think what I enjoyed most was the team that I got to work with. The people were incredibly kind, patient and diligent. They care deeply about the quality of the magazine they produce. They were also eager to trust me with big responsibilities and help me in any way they could along the way.

How would you describe your internship in 3 words?

Fun, challenging, transformative.

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