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5 Hidden Gems in Buenos Aires

by Carolyn Conte
Market in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Study abroad students tend to rush site-seeing and checking off famous tourist spots of their chosen destination in the first few weeks of a program. Once you’ve treated yourself to all the must-see, well-known spots of the city, students studying with AIFS in Buenos Aires, Argentina might want some help finding lesser-known places.

Here are a few locations that are hidden gems which are usually not obvious:

1. The Rose Gardens

You may have heard about the Japanese Gardens, but these are more peaceful in my opinion. Moreover, while the Japanese Gardens feel like an amusement park, these feel like a sincere garden. Entrance is free, and if your host family’s home is near Olleros like mine, the walk is only about 20 minutes.

The Rose Gardens in Buenos Aires, Argentina

2. Teatro Ciego

This was probably my favorite off-the-track event in Buenos Aires. I wish I had been just a bit more fluent when I went, since you must rely on your ears only for the entire play, but it was a very exciting experience that I highly recommend. Visitors share the story created by blind actors by hearing such great sound effects that you would think there is a river or bomb next to you. Beware; you absolutely cannot see anything.

3. La Bomba

This group of percussionists play every Monday. Their shows can get a little strange, but they switch it up every week, and is definitely something to check out if you want to try something new with cultural roots.

4. Centro Cultural Recoleta

Most students studying Buenos Aires are quick to visit the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. However, less know about this interactive museum. Featuring a diverse cast of exhibits, it’s a great idea for the liberal arts types, or if you just want to leave your mark on the personality quiz at its entrance.

5. Mido

If you start to crave non-Argentine food, Mido is a great Korean restaurant. There you can grill your own meat at the table, and have a delicious meal for a cheap price. It’s located in Carabobo.

6. Parque de Memorial

Parque de Memorial in Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is another peaceful spot of few visitors. Albeit, it may be because this location is not exactly where you throw a party. This site is marked by the serene environment of water and open space contradicted against long rows of walls inscribed with names of victims from the state terrorism committed by the 1976-1983 military regime. It is near an airport which was used for the infamous “flights of death.” Visitors will find 18 artistic sculptures to commemorate human rights here.

This post about hidden gems was contributed by Carolyn Conte, who is studying abroad with AIFS in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

5 Must-See Hidden Gems of Buenos Aires, Argentina | AIFS Study Abroad

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