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5 Reasons You’ll Love Doing a Summer Study Abroad Program in Argentina

by AIFS Abroad
Buenos Aires, Argentina at night

The best thing about summer is how unpredictable it is. One day you could be languishing on the beach and the next day you’re huddled inside reading a book while the summer rain thunders against your windows. If that unpredictability appeals to you, spend a summer doing a study abroad program in Argentina, where you’ll relish in the beauty of every day being uniquely its own. 


Are you ready? Argentina is calling your name! 🇦🇷 Happiness is right around the corner for you during your summer break! Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in Argentine life and culture while earning college credits in between spring and fall semester. What do you think? 💬 Leave your questions down below! #aifsabroad #studyabroadprograms #studyabroadsummer #studyabroad #internabroad #studyabroadargentina #studyabroadbuenosaires #argentina #summerabroad #collegestudents

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Here’s why we’re ardent fans of Argentina in the summer, especially for students studying abroad:

1. The “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” Weather 

Doing a study abroad program in Argentina when you’re from the US means getting used to the fact that seasons are flipped, and the climate varies based on your exact location. The country has one of the most diverse climates on the globe — its northern tip is less than 3,000 miles from the equator, while its southern tip is only 600 miles from Antarctica. As a result, the weather can be a mixed bag depending on what city you’re in, especially given that technically our summer is their winter. While we’re used to hot temperatures between June and August, Argentina gets everything from snow and frost in the north to more temperate coastal winter weather toward the south. Many college students choose to study abroad during these months in Argentina’s capital city of Buenos Aires, where the weather tends to be relatively mild, averaging high 50s and low 60s during the day. Either way, the disparity of weather amongst the provinces means whatever vibe you’re looking for is just a drive away!

2. Less Crowds and More Savings 

Unless you’re looking to take to the snowy slopes of Patagonia, most of northern and southern Argentina are devoid of tourists in summer (well, their winter), making for a less-crowded and more budget-friendly study abroad experience! You’ll get more time with attractions such as the colonial architecture of Purmamarca in Jujuy, or the beautiful landscapes and villages of Valles Calchaquíes in Salta! 

3. The Wild Lives of the Wildlife 

Southern Right Whale - Peninsula Valdes in Argentina
Southern Right Whale – Peninsula Valdes in Argentina

June through August in Argentina can be a whale of a time. No seriously, in the Peninsula Valdes, southern right whales can be seen breaching and socializing. This is the largest breeding population of the whales in the world, and the animals themselves are considered a national monument and protected by under Argentinian law. And it’s not just the whales mingling in the Peninsula Valdes. At the Punta Tombo Rookery, you’ll find a colony of more than 500,000 magellanic penguins — all dressed to the nines of course! If you’re a student fascinated by wildlife, spending your summer break doing a study program in Argentina is a fantastic decision. 

4. The Día de la Independencia Celebration 

On July 9, 1816, the Argentine Declaration of Independence was signed by the Congress of Tucuman, proclaiming the country’s separation from the Spanish monarchy. The country-wide celebrations are pretty similar to what we experience during the United States’s Independence Day on July 4th. Across Argentina, people take part in parades, concerts and fireworks, but instead of hot dogs and hamburgers, there’s locro (squash stew) and pastelitos (pastries). Delicious! 

locro, stew in argentina
Locro, an Argentine stew

5. The Food 

Speaking of food, this season is a great time to dine on Argentinian cuisine. Argentina is known for its beef. In fact, it is one of four countries where cattle outnumber people. There’s nothing better than standing by the blazing parilla (grill) on a cool Argentinian asado (barbeque) night. Asado is served along with chimichurria, a green salsa unique to Argentina. It’s pretty much served with every meal there. There’s also carbonada, a bone-warming, hearty stew made with beef and vegetables sometimes poured into a hollowed-out pumpkin and grilled along with the rest of the asada.  

Spending your summer break south of the equator is something everyone should experience, and there’s no place better to do so than in Argentina.  

If you’re considering a summer study abroad program in Argentina, you’ve come to the right place. Here at AIFS Abroad, we offer incredible program options in Buenos Aires, the country’s bustling capital city. With inclusions such as tuition, housing, insurance, excursions and activities, on-site staff, and emergency support, you’ll have a stress-free global education experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in Argentine life and culture while earning college credits in between spring and fall semester. Are you ready?

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