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3 Places to Study Abroad in Latin America this Spring 

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Students studying abroad in Latin America

This spring semester, you can experience the contrasting landscapes and rich history of Central and South America when you study abroad. Whether you want to improve your Spanish language skills, learn about unique ecosystems, or take intriguing electives, Latin America has something for everyone.  

Study abroad in one of these countries in Latin America this spring: 

Study Abroad in Argentina 

Spend a semester studying abroad in Argentina, the second largest country in South America and part of the picturesque Southern Cone. You’ll be mesmerized by Argentina’s natural beauty – it’s home to a spectrum of landscapes including the peaks of the Andes, enormous glaciers, rolling plains and a subtropical capital city! 

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires 

Boost your Spanish language skills this spring when you study abroad in Buenos Aires. Take a Spanish language course and gain a solid understanding of Latin American history, business, politics and culture by taking electives in Spanish or English. Want to get a jumpstart on adjusting to your host city? AIFS Abroad offers the option to start your semester early with a 4-week Intensive Spanish Language course. And for those who already have an Advanced level of Spanish, you can opt to take courses alongside local Argentine students.  

“Everyone always told me I’d be a different person after returning from 5 months of studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I believed them, but I had no idea just how much. Buenos Aires made me throw all my expectations out the window, and my experience was beyond my imagination. I learned an incredible amount about myself and my own independence.”

– Madeleine W., AIFS Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina alum
Angelica shares her spring semester study abroad experience in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Study Abroad in Chile 

Did you know that Chile is the southernmost mainland country in the world (and the closest to Antarctica)? With the Atacama Desert in the north, the Andes Mountains to the east, a sprawling coastline and a comfortable Mediterranean climate at its heart, Chile is home to many distinct ecosystems. Study abroad here and immerse yourself in the compelling Chilean culture! 

AIFS student at San Pedro de Atacama Desert in Chile

Viña del Mar 

Spend your spring semester by the sea in Viña del Mar! Begin or strengthen your Spanish language skills while taking courses in Spanish or English. Located on a hilltop campus with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI) offers a wide range of electives, including courses at their triple accredited (AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS) business school. Students with an Advanced level of Spanish can take courses alongside local students through the Pregrado Program.  

“I got so used to the laid-back lifestyle in Chile that I dreaded the idea of coming home and having such a fast-paced lifestyle once again. I loved how the people genuinely enjoyed the time they had with each other, and I started to do the same. This was all complimented by the breathtaking views of the city, which was situated on a beach.”

— William M., AIFS Abroad in Viña del Mar, Chile alum
Cayley shares her spring semester study abroad experience in Viña del Mar, Chile

Study Abroad in Costa Rica 

Discover the true meaning of pura vida (the Costa Rican way of life) by experiencing “Tico” culture firsthand. Hot springs, volcanoes, a cloud forest, beaches, and a lush and unique ecosystem await you when you spend a semester studying abroad in Costa Rica. 

6 Can't-Miss Experiences in or Around San José, Costa Rica | AIFS Study Abroad in Costa Rica
Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica in San José

San José 

Whether you’re a Spanish major or a total beginner, Costa Rica is a fantastic place to strengthen your Spanish language skills. Spend your spring semester studying abroad in San José and choose from program options including internship opportunities and electives in a wide range of subjects (like tropical marine biology, art, business, health and sustainable development, to name a few). And when you study abroad, learning doesn’t just happen inside the classroom. Some environmental studies courses include lab work or field trips to bring you closer to Costa Rica’s diverse ecology

“My favorite weekend in Costa Rica was when my biology class took a weekend field trip to El Jobo. We stayed with families in the community and helped our professor and his team of researchers catch and tag sea turtles. We also got to help a nest of sea turtles make their way to the ocean. That weekend was amazing and beautiful.” — Ali M., AIFS Abroad in Costa Rica alum. 

❇️ International internships are also available in San José. 

Olivia shares her spring semester study abroad experience in San José, Costa Rica

Spring is all about growth and new beginnings, right? 

These exciting spring semester study abroad programs in Latin America can give you a new perspective on life, expose you to other customs and cultures, and help prepare you for a career in today’s global economy.  

3 Places to Study Abroad in Latin America this Spring
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