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Summer Abroad: Top Destinations in Latin America

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This summer, dive deep into the natural wonders and rich history of Central and South America when you study abroad or do an international internship program. Looking to learn or improve your Spanish language skills? Want to explore unique ecosystems? Interested in taking intriguing electives or gaining professional development? Spending your summer abroad in Latin America is the perfect choice.  

Here are our top destinations for a summer study abroad and international internship programs in Latin America:

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Study Abroad in Argentina 

Spend your summer break living and learning as a student in Argentina, South America’s second largest country. You’ll discover natural beauty and jaw-dropping landscapes like the Andes Mountains, unparalleled glaciers, wide open plains, and its bustling subtropical city of Buenos Aires.

Megan shares her summer study abroad experience in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires 

Spend your summer abroad in one of Latin America’s most metropolitan cities — Buenos Aires! You’ll immerse yourself in the local culture and improve your Spanish language skills. Take a Spanish language course and gain a solid understanding of Latin American history, business, politics and culture by taking electives in Spanish or English. Stay with an Argentinian host family and see how the locals truly live.

“Everyone always told me I’d be a different person after returning from 5 months of studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I believed them, but I had no idea just how much. Buenos Aires made me throw all my expectations out the window, and my experience was beyond my imagination. I learned an incredible amount about myself and my own independence.”

Madeleine W., AIFS Abroad in Argentina alum

Study Abroad in Ecuador 

Located on South America’s western coast, Ecuador is a perfect destination in Latin America for a summer abroad. Between its bustling capital city of Quito, its beautiful and varying natural landscapes (like parts of the Amazon jungle and the Andes Mountains), and its claim to the remote Galápagos Islands, there’s no shortage of things to see or explore.

Best Ways to Discover the Galápagos Islands’ Unrivaled Wildlife | AIFS Study Abroad | AIFS in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
AIFS students in the Galápagos Islands

Galápagos Islands

Passionate about environmental science and biodiversity? It’s hard to choose a better summer study abroad program location than the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador. This remote archipelago in the Pacific Ocean is about 600 miles west of the country’s mainland, making it one of the most remote places on Earth. It’s home to many endemic species — which are species found nowhere else on the planet. Choosing this as your summer study abroad destination means you can explore its ecosystems and biodiversity for-credit and have a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiential learning experience.

“My experience with AIFS Study Abroad in the Galápagos was beyond anything I could have imagined. I learned so much inside and outside of the classroom. The staff on the trip were very great at making me feel safe while abroad and in a new place that is out of my comfort zone in more ways than one.”

Olivia B., AIFS in Galápagos Islands, Ecuador alum

Study Abroad in Costa Rica

Experience pura vida culture and life of the local “ticos” firsthand. Immerse yourself in a laidback lifestyle while exploring numerous natural wonders like hot springs, volcanoes, a cloud forest, beaches, and a lush and unique ecosystem. Biodiversity, rich history, and warm hospitality await you when you spend a summer abroad in Costa Rica. 

Sierra shares her summer study abroad experience in San José, Costa Rica

San José 

Regardless of your language proficiency, Costa Rica is the ideal place to improve your Spanish skills. Spend your summer abroad in the capital city of San José and choose from program options like internship opportunities in a range of career fields and course electives in subjects like tropical marine biology, art, business, and health (to name a few). Don’t forget: studying abroad during the summer means learning doesn’t just happen inside the classroom — it happens outside of it, too!

“I have learned some important cultural and social cues while studying abroad in San José, such as saying ‘Buenas!’ when I pass people on the street, or responding ‘Estoy bien por dicha’ when someone asks me ‘¿Cómo estás?”’These are things I can only learn living among locals instead of visiting as a tourist in a hotel or resort. Similarly, my tico family has been a cultural oasis. I have learned so much Costa Rican history, local recipes, jokes in the tico culture, and more.”

Christopher R., AIFS Abroad in Costa Rica alum

❇️ International internships are also available in San José. 

Eager to spend your summer abroad in one of these Latin America destinations?

Studying abroad in one of these amazing places can give you a new perspective on life, expose you to other customs and cultures, and help prepare you for a career in today’s global economy.

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