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Why Studying Abroad in Budapest, Hungary Belongs on Your Bucket List 

by AIFS Abroad
View of Budapest, Hungary

Last Updated on September 16, 2022 by AIFS Abroad

Sure, those ultra-popular places to study abroad (London, Paris, Rome) are incredible. But what if I told you that you may be overlooking one of Europe’s most alluring cities? A medley of treasures both old and new, Budapest is an increasingly popular destination for studying abroad

Here are just a few reasons why you’ll love studying abroad in Budapest: 

1. The food is vastly underrated. 

Hungarian cuisine is comforting like a warm hug. Be sure to try lángos, a popular Hungarian street food made from deep-fried dough. Budapest is famous for its market halls, where you can find an incredible selection of locally sourced spices, produce, honey and meats. 

2. The city has a profound history. 

Hungary was under communist rule until 1989. Visiting the House of Terror Museum is an important and moving experience. This museum pays tribute to the many victims of the fascist and communist regimes of 20th century Hungary. You can also visit the “Shoes on the Danube Bank” memorial. Located on the Pest side of the Danube Promenade, sixty pairs of shoes sculpted from iron honor the memory of the thousands executed along this riverbank during World War II.  

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AIFS student in Budapest, Hungary

3. There are meaningful volunteer opportunities. 

During the fall and spring semesters, volunteering opportunities are available for those studying abroad in Budapest — specifically with AIFS Abroad. In association with a Budapest-based NGO, you can explore themes of social responsibility and inclusion of the Roma community. 

4. Two words: Thermal. Baths. 

What better way to relax after a long day of exploring the city than to slip into mineral-rich steamy waters? People have flocked to the thermal baths of Budapest for centuries. Be sure to check out Budapest’s Széchenyi Baths, the largest spa complex in Europe! 

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Budapest’s thermal baths

5. Budapest is bursting with eclectic architecture. 

Budapest features a mesmerizing mix of old and new buildings. From Roman ruins to its neo-Gothic Parliament building to its modern National Theater, there are so many architectural gems to stumble upon while exploring the city. 

6. The city looks especially magical after sunset.  

The Danube River promenade (located on the Pest side of the banks) gives you the perfect view of Buda’s illuminated skyline. You can soak up the Budapest nightscape by wandering its warmly lit squares or taking an evening boat ride on the Danube. 

7. Hello, central location!  

Hungary is located at the very heart of Europe. It’s easy (and fairly affordable) to take weekend trips from Budapest to other iconic cities like Prague, Kraków and Vienna. Don’t forget to explore the Hungarian countryside, too! The Lake Balaton region in western Hungary is a definite must-see. This area features hillside vineyards, medieval caves once inhabited by monks, and plenty of opportunities to bike and hike around the largest lake in central Europe. 

📣Do you have other must-see sites in Budapest? Let us know in the comments! 

… Did we mention you have amazing program options for studying abroad in Budapest with AIFS?  

Whether you’re interested in spending a semester, summer or January term in Hungary, AIFS Abroad has a program option for you.  

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