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The Best Ways to Experience the Culture in Buenos Aires

by AIFS Abroad
AIFS Abroad students in Buenos Aires, Argentina

A city blossoming with creativity, dancing, and lots of color, Buenos Aires, Argentina has a lively culture that inspires exciting adventures.

Its young, cosmopolitan image and diverse, characterful neighborhoods give the city a one-of-a- kind personality.

While exploring this welcoming city, here are just a few things worth doing to get a feel for the culture in Buenos Aires:

1. Take a Tango Lesson

What better way to experience the (unofficial) tango capital of the world’s culture than by taking a lesson yourself?

While in Buenos Aires, you’ll quickly see that the city comes alive to the beat of tango music.

For that reason, you should definitely take an authentic tango lesson – or multiple – during your stay. If you want a full-fledged tango experience, visit a milonga (a social event/location for tango dancing)! Otherwise, private and group lessons are available all over the city.

2. Get a Glimpse of the Talking Walls

The buildings in Buenos Aires tell a story for all who walk by.

Known for its street art, many buildings in this city – particularly in the La Boca area – are clothed in vibrant murals.

Though Buenos Aires’ street art trend originally began in the mid 1900s in Argentina as a form of political expression, it grew into a way to brighten the spirits of people living there, with colorful, playful and humorous designs. They have become a true part of the city’s culture. 

3. Visit the San Telmo Market

Bustling with one of a kind artisans and antiques, the San Telmo market opens every Sunday from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm in the Plaza Dorrego.

Tourists and locals both pack the San Telmo streets to browse one of a kind antiques, trinkets, art, traditional food – and, of course, tango demonstrations. With all that this market has to offer, it’s an excellent spot to experience the city’s culture.

4. Catch a Polo Match

Polo has a long history in Argentina and is especially popular in the country’s capital.

Buenos Aires is home to the Campo Argentino de Polo, which is the most popular spot to watch polo in the city. Here, you’ll experience some of the best polo in the world.  In fact, it’s where the most prestigious international polo tournament, the Argentine Polo Open Championship, takes place!

5. Tour One (or many) of Buenos Aires’ Museums

There are many museums worth checking out in Buenos Aires to explore the city/country’s history.

From art museums like the MALBA – featuring works of Latin American artists like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera – to natural sciences museums like the MACN, the city offers many options for expanding your wealth of Argentinian knowledge.

Want to experience the unique culture in Buenos Aires first hand? Learn more about AIFS’ Buenos Aires Study Abroad Program!

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