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5 Goals to Set and Accomplish While Studying Abroad

by Victoria DeLisa
AIFS Abroad student at Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy

There is so much to do when you study abroad. Wherever you decide to go, there are tons of things to do and see. We are bound to forget the little moments that make us sit back and realize how surreal things are.

While you’re overseas, here are some study abroad goals to accomplish!

1. Grow

Whether it’s traveling on your own or learning a few lessons, there’s always room to grow abroad. The time you spend with yourself or with others allows you to see so much more. Mistakes happen, especially abroad. If you miss a flight in Germany or have to retake an exam, there’s always a solution. You won’t truly realize how much you’ve grown until you reflect on what’s passed!

2. Travel

Traveling is one of the biggest parts of a study abroad experience. You can go places relatively close for a cheap flight or train ride. Not to mention, you can travel in your abroad country as well. Take a flight to Italy for the weekend or visit a local vineyard. There’s so much to see and do, the world is literally yours, so set some goals!

5 Goals to Accomplish While Studying Abroad | AIFS Study Abroad | Salamanca, Spain

3. Make Friendships

I’ve learned that the friendships you make abroad are like no other. Not many friends get to say they traveled the world together, lived in another country together, or see so much together; so cherish these memories forever. You never truly understand the meaning of friendship until you’re lost in a foreign city somewhere. Plus, once you go back to your home university it’ll give you another reason to travel again — to see them!

4. Learn

Everyday you can find a lesson to learn, especially in Europe. Engage yourself in class, culture, and everyday life. The more you learn, the more you will understand. The value of living in another country for a semester is one like no other. It’s incredible the amount you will take from just popping into a museum while you’re bored after class. Don’t limit yourself to class, because you will probably learn more outside anyway!

5. Remember to Appreciate

Your time away will go by fast… I’m serious. The days pass by quickly and the weeks even quicker. I remember looking at my calendar and gasping at the thought of one month left abroad. Cherish every moment, every second, and every day you get to experience; it’ll be over before you know it!

This post was contributed by Victoria DeLisa, who is spending her fall semester studying abroad with AIFS in Salamanca, Spain.

5 Goals to Accomplish While Studying Abroad | AIFS Study Abroad | Salamanca, Spain
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