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7 Weekend Trips to Take from Salzburg, Austria

by AIFS Abroad
7 Weekend Trips to Take from Salzburg, Austria | AIFS Study Abroad | AIFS in Salzburg, Austria

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Europe’s high-speed train system makes travel quite easy – especially from a centrally located city like Salzburg, Austria.

Though Salzburg has more than enough to offer, study abroad students also have the opportunity to take some incredible weekend trips from Salzburg to other cities.

Need some help planning? Here are 7 incredible weekend trips we suggest taking from Salzburg, Austria.

1. Hallstatt, Austria

Travel time to Hallstatt: About 1 hour

One of Austria’s most picturesque villages and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hallstatt is only an hour from Salzburg.

From pastel-colored houses to Lake Hallstatt’s calm, clear waters, the village makes for a relaxing weekend retreat. Bike and pedal boat rentals are available to explore Hallstatt from both the land and water.

2. Munich, Germany

Travel time to Munich: Under 2 hours

Did you know Munich, Germany is less than 2 hours from Salzburg? As the host of Oktoberfest and Springfest, Munich has become a popular destination for college students.

Besides the festivals, Munich also offers world famous sights like the Nymphenburg Palace and the Glockenspiel. Plus, there are plenty of museums, parks, and plazas to explore… making for an unforgettable weekend trip.

3. Innsbruck, Austria

Travel time to Innsbruck: About 2 hours

Lying at the very heart of the Austrian Alps, Innsbruck is a picturesque Austrian city. Innsbruck is easily accessible from Salzburg – making it perfect for both day and weekend visits.

In Innsbruck, explore the city’s many charming Baroque buildings, incredible views of the Nordkette Mountains, the Goldenes Dachl, and the late-medieval Old Town.

4. Vienna, Austria 

Travel time to Vienna: About 2.5 hours

Austria’s capital Vienna is a must-see city and only about 2 ½ hours from Salzburg.

While here, you’ll be inspired exploring its famous sights like the Art History Museum, Melk Abbey, and Schönbrunn Palace – to name a few. Also, save some time to unwind while experiencing the city’s world-famous coffee house culture.

5. Nuremberg, Germany

Travel time to Nuremberg: Under 3 hours

Get a close-up look at European history in Nuremberg, a German city rich with medieval architecture and just a short trip from Salzburg.

Nuremberg is Bavaria’s second-largest city and boasts unforgettable energy, nightlife, and history. If you can, be sure to visit Nuremberg in the winter for its spectacular Christmas Market – but there’s plenty to explore every season.

6. Bratislava, Slovakia

Travel time to Bratislava: About 4 hours

Take a relaxing train ride from Salzburg to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Literally translated to “Beauty on the Danube”, Bratislava is one of Europe’s smallest but most picturesque capital cities.

Here, you’ll spend a memorable weekend exploring landmarks such as its castle – and the pastel-hued old town below. The narrow, pedestrian only streets of Old Town Bratislava host an array of cozy pubs, cafes, and tourist shops.

7. Prague, Czech Republic

Travel time to Prague: About 5 ½ hours

Though the trip to Prague is a bit further from Salzburg than some other destinations on this list, it’s totally reachable in a weekend.

Three days in Prague will give you ample time to tour sights from the Old Town, to the Lennon Wall, to Hradčany Castle District and all the charm packed in between. This unforgettable city has been deemed one of Europe’s most beautiful.

Interested in taking some of these weekend trips from Salzburg? Learn more about studying abroad in Salzburg with AIFS!

7 Weekend Trips to Take from Salzburg, Austria | AIFS Study Abroad | AIFS in Salzburg, Austria

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