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AIFS Abroad Signs CANIE Accord to Mitigate International Education’s Impact on Climate Change 

by AIFS Abroad
One World Protest Sign for Climate Change

AIFS Abroad is pleased to announce that we are the first study abroad provider from the United States to sign the CANIE Accord. This initiative is a voluntary commitment we have made to make significant efforts to mitigate our impact on climate change.  

CANIE (Climate Action Network for International Educators) is a grassroots initiative formed by international education practitioners from around the world who recognize the importance of stepping up and taking action on climate change. The CANIE Accord is designed to strengthen and accelerate the international education sector’s response to the global climate crisis.  

Organizations that sign the CANIE Accord agree to the purpose and principle of the initiative and commit to at least five climate actions spanning three or more areas. By signing the Accord, we are elevating ourselves as a leader in education abroad when it comes to addressing climate issues. To learn more about our specific CANIE commitments and progress, you can review our signatory profile here.

We are taking climate action now | AIFS Abroad x CANIE Accord

How AIFS Abroad Prioritizes Sustainability 

We’re dedicated to working towards a carbon neutral future through our Green Initiative. The Green Initiative was started in January 2020 by Global Experiences, and was expanded in January 2021 to encompass all of AIFS Abroad. As part of the AIFS Abroad Green Initiative, we aim to be carbon neutral by 2025. 

The AIFS Abroad Green Initiative includes carbon offsetting flights, educating students in the role of carbon offsetting, engaging students with sustainable projects local to their program destination, altering our business practices, and educating and working to share best practices with our partner universities in the United States and abroad. 

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