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Meet the AIFS Abroad Green Ambassadors for Summer 2024

by AIFS Abroad
AIFS Abroad Summer 2024 Green Ambassadors

AIFS Abroad is committed to sustainability, environmental responsibility, and climate action. As part of our Green Initiative, we are proud to offer the Green Ambassador Scholarship to participants who share our passion for creating a greener future.

AIFS Abroad Green Ambassador scholarship recipients are expected to collaborate with their on-site staff to plan and execute at least one “green” event during their program. This event should promote sustainability and climate education and awareness. Recipients will also be involved in sustainability-related content creation.

Read on to learn more about our Summer 2024 cohort of Green Ambassadors:

Mia Henson, Colorado State University

AIFS Abroad in Barcelona, Spain | Full-Time Internship Program

Major: Interior Design and Architecture | Minor: Sociology

“To me, being a Green Ambassador means working everyday to have intention and passion for sustainability. I want to work and be mindful about how my decisions affect the well being of people and our environment. 

With this experience I hope to gain new perspectives on how I can incorporate healthy and eco-friendly solutions in my career. I think being immersed in a new culture will expand my respect and knowledge for the history of architecture and design, and add to my day to day motivation for the future.”

Ethan Mischel (he/him), College of Charleston

AIFS Abroad in Lisbon, Portugal | Study Abroad Program

Major: Management

“Being a Green Ambassador means fostering a healthier, more harmonious relationship between humanity and the environment. Every effort, no matter how small, is a step towards a brighter, greener future, and I am deeply honored to be recognized for my part in this mission.

I plan on using my international experience to broaden my perspective and seize new opportunities that will enhance my everyday life by enabling me to achieve my goals with greater efficiency and productivity.”

James Rodriguez (he/him), California State University Fullerton

AIFS Abroad in Sydney, Australia | Full-Time Internship Program

Major: Public Health with a concentration in Global Health | Minor: Environmental Biology

“Being a Green Ambassador to me signifies being part of a supported system that explores effective strategies for overcoming sustainability issues and restoring balance to our Earth.

Interning abroad in Sydney, Australia will immerse me into a different culture and professional environment, enabling the development of skills related to a broader perspective on global techniques and practices. By adopting Sydney’s sustainability techniques, I can enhance my relationships, communication, and personal development locally at my home university, CSUF.”

Natalie Hurst (she/her), Coastal Carolina University

AIFS Abroad in Barcelona, Spain | Study Abroad Program

Major: Sustainability and Coastal Resilience; Language and Intercultural Studies: Hispanic Studies | Minor: Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

“It is an honor to have the opportunity to be a Green Ambassador and share my knowledge of sustainability. Sustainability is extremely important to me and I love helping others find ways to practice sustainable habits.

As someone who is involved in sustainability on my home campus, I can use my experience here to better help my campus. I will also use the connections and knowledge I gain from my peers to better my personal sustainability.”

Empowering climate advocates like our Green Ambassadors and promoting sustainability is a top priority for AIFS Abroad as an organization.

In response to the overwhelming global climate crisis, AIFS Abroad has made sustainability a key priority when considering organizational, operational, and programming decisions. We understand that the only way to effectively combat this crisis and mitigate the effects of climate change is to drastically reduce our environmental impact. Therefore, we’ve committed to reaching carbon neutrality by the year 2025.

Our Green Initiative has three pillars:

  1. Green Business that includes auditing our own business practices and our program partners to reduce our consumption of finite resources and limiting our carbon footprint.
  2. Sustainability Education for both our program participants, through onsite engagement with local environmental projects, and within our industry as a leader in our field.
  3. Offsetting Carbon Emissions by purchasing verified carbon credits for all our program participants round trip flights to their program location.
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