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How to Dress for Your Internship

by AIFS Abroad
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When it comes to determining how to dress for an internship, you’ll probably hate to hear this, but it really does all depend on the employer. While you certainly don’t want to underdress for your first day at a more formal workplace, overdressing at a more low-key place can make you seem… a little extra. 

The best way to go is a little column A and a little column B — business casual, a slightly less formal version of traditional business attire.

Here’s some tips on how to dress business casual for your internship: 

What to avoid: 

  • Skirts and dresses with hems above the knees 
  • Low-cut dresses 
  • Dresses with high slits 
  • Ties, unless otherwise noted by your employer 
  • Jeans, unless otherwise noted by your employer 
  • Pants that are too short (the hem should hit at the top of your shoe or a little longer) 
  • Shorts 
  • Low cut or revealing shirts 
  • Tank tops or tube tops, unless you have a jacket or sweater 
  • Flip flops 
  • Sneakers 
  • Overly tall or flashy heels 

What not to avoid: 

  • Khakis, corduroy, linen, dress pants, or trousers 
  • Skirts and dresses with a hem falling past the knees 
  • Shirts in a variety of colors and styles 
  • Shirts with collars like button-downs in styles like plaid, oxford, or poplin 
  • Pairing a shirt with a nice sweater, sweater vest or business jacket 
  • Tucking in your shirt 
  • An appropriate dress belt 
  • Flats, heels or nice sandals, unless otherwise noted by your employer 
  • Formal leather closed-toe shoes like loafers or Oxford 
  • Dress socks 

Ultimately, speak with your employer about what the dress code is like in your office and wear outfits you feel represent you! 

Now that you’re dressed to the nines and have a good idea of what kind of clothes to pack, it’s time to give your international internship a 10/10 employee experience. Here at AIFS Abroad, we offer incredible locations where you can intern internationally. Are you ready?

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