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What Interns Had to Say About Their Virtual Internship Experience

by AIFS Abroad
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Adapting to the ever-changing world of work, AIFS Abroad launched a virtual internship program in response to a need from our students, university partners, and employers. We are so thankful for the virtual interns who helped us learn and grow along with them these past couple of years.

Check out reviews from these virtual interns about their remote internship experience:

“Great Internship!” 

“I first joined the [program] with the intent to intern abroad, but due to COVID that obviously couldn’t happen. The [staff] were amazing in helping me to navigate what was happening, find a great and meaningful intern placement despite being virtual, and give the same educational resources that were originally part of the in-person program. This is a fantastic company that is motivated to help you succeed! If you have the chance, do an internship with [AIFS]. They will always be happy to help and find you an internship and company that fits your personality. There are so many personal and professional experiences that [I’ve achieved], I already miss my internship!!” – Kristin M., Valparaiso University 

“Adaptability at Its Finest!” 

“As everyone is well aware, the onslaught of COVID-19 around the world threw everybody’s plans aside and left students wondering how they would be able to find real world-work experience while being confined to our homes. […] I was able to secure an internship with a company in Ireland and gain real-life practical skills from home. I had an incredible experience and the employers that [the program works] with clearly care about the intern’s development and help us to develop the tools and the skills necessary to succeed in a real-life workplace environment. I can’t thank [the team] enough for their professionalism and it is incredibly impressive that they were able to bring this entirely new program to life in a matter of months. I would highly recommend a virtual internship […] whether there is still a pandemic going on or not!” – Jacob R., Massachusetts Maritime Academy 

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“Global Fluency” 

“Obviously, you have to, like, manage your time better because you’re doing it [an internship] all from the comfort of your own home, but you’re also getting that global fluency and […] work experience, so I think it is a great, great opportunity!” – Sydney K., Charleston Southern University 

“Great Experience!” 

“This was my first experience working from home, and it was one to remember! I signed up last minute because my in-person internship had to be canceled due to the global pandemic. I was slightly nervous because I didn’t know what to expect, but [the organization] made it easy. Without much notice, they found me a company to do a virtual internship with. I think that was particularly difficult because I was looking to work in Human Resources. It was not the easiest job to place someone in for a virtual opportunity in another country, but they did it! The company that I was placed with was terrific. They were kind and very flexible due to the circumstances. I learned about HR, but the company also let me have a few other projects to work on, like setting up their social media. At the end of each day, I would spend a half-hour talking with my coworkers about how our cultures are different/similar. It is so interesting to see how other people live. I have definitely gained a few friends from my internship company. (When the pandemic is over, I’m totally going to visit them!!) I had weekly check-in meetings with [AIFS Abroad}, where all the interns would meet and talk about what they were doing or express any questions/concerns. They also did a cooking class and a virtual tour of cities all over the world. I even had a one-on-one with the program advisor, Carmen. She gave me very useful professional advice. I really looked forward to our meetings every week and seeing everyone’s smiling faces. It was motivating, and I could tell the [advisors] wanted us to have the best experience possible. This is as close as it gets to being there in person, without being there in person. Take this opportunity. You will not be disappointed. If you are like me and needed to have an internship to graduate, this is the perfect way to complete that while staying safe and socially distancing.” – Kassandra S., Salisbury University 

“A great alternative when in-person travel isn’t possible” 

“What most impressed me about this program was [the team’s] ability to adapt to the quickly changing COVID-19 pandemic. Shortly after my in-person program was cancelled, I was excited to receive an email that I would still be able to complete an international internship, even if it was from home. One of their representatives helped me find a new internship opportunity that was work-from-home friendly, and many team members worked together to create orientation events and presentations before my internship even started. I appreciated [their] flexibility because it allowed me to gain valuable work experience rather than letting my summer be a waste because of the global pandemic. This program is a great alternative to traditional experiences for a variety of reasons, including the elimination of travel expenses and the flexibility of working remotely.” – Anna T., Texas A&M University 

“Amazing experience that changed my life!” 

“The application process is very easy for everyone. The thing that sets [this organization] apart to me in this aspect, is their flexibility. They always worked with my schedule and worked towards making the internship around my needs. During the internship, they created a great cultural experience. Even though it was only virtual, I still felt a sense of community with the [team] and other interns.” – Alex A., Miami University of Ohio 

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“All of this knowledge that I have gained is knowledge that I will keep forever!” 

“So, being an intern virtually has been a lot of fun. […] Over the course of the last couple months I have been able to find a rhythm and a schedule that works for me, but that also worked for my employers and for the organization […] Together we would always find ways to help me gain more applicable experience, help me get more exposure to different employees, different settings, different age groups even. […] So I’ve been able to just gather some more skills, gather more awareness about myself — [for example] what I like what I don’t like and just become more self-aware. […]These are all these elements of myself that I’ve not been able to understand or know or learn about even prior to the internship, but through the internship, through the coaching, through the conversations with my employers, through the interviews, through every work that I’ve done, I’ve been able to become more aware of who I am, become more aware of the type of work that I would like to do. […] All of this knowledge that I have gained is knowledge that I will keep forever [and] that will help me to become better as an employee, as a student, as a friend.” – Steffy M., Carleton University 

“Best Internship!” 

“The staff listened to what I was hoping to get out of the internship and found the perfect placement for me. Throughout the virtual internship, [the team] gave me a sense of community by having weekly virtual meetings with other interns [and] gave virtual opportunities for professional growth, as well as culture. Not only did I love my internship placement but I loved that [they] had a holistic approach. There is nothing I would change about this amazing program!” – Morgan H., Miami University of Ohio 

“A virtual internship changed my perspective” 

“My virtual internship was nothing more than a success. [This organization] offers so much more than an internship opportunity. Along with the internship, I had the chance to build my professional connections, make friends, and even learn how to use my work skills successfully in the workplace. If I could redo this experience, I would do it in a heartbeat.” – Dylan W., Wilkes University 

“They made the best of a very difficult situation” 

“When my in-person internship was cancelled [because of COVID-19], I was skeptical about the concept of a virtual internship, but it ended up paying off in ways I never could have expected. I couldn’t have designed a better internship than the one I got.” – Gerret M., Concordia University 

We’re so proud of our virtual interns and are excited to accept the next class! 

Ready to have the same experience and make your resume stand out to employers? Apply for our virtual internship program today! 

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