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My Half Way Done Bucket List in Granada

by Elysse Alvarado
Alhambra, Granada, Spain

Today is the unofficial first day of winter here in Granada. Unlike every day thus far here, the sun did not shine perfectly. Instead, the first chill of the season came and rain fell throughout the day. My trench coat finally came off the hook and I headed to class in rain soaked flats (obviously not prepared for the change in season).

This change in weather also coincides with the half way point of my time in Granada. Time itself has been a whirlwind. Time seems almost non-existent here in Spain. My days go by faster than ever and my weekends seem to dissipate. What is it with the time here?

I am a list maker. Everyone knows it. Back in the States, I makes lists for chores, lists for the future, lists for grocery shopping and lists for whatever else pops into my crowded cranium.

So far, Spain has taught me to let go of my lists. To just live away from my notepad and pen and just…go.

But, now as time seems to slip away at a faster rate than ever, I plan to bring back my list-making skills. So, in order to gain some control over the clock, I have decided to make a “Half-Way Bucket List.”

It is random, but I have exactly 2 months left (maybe even less) and I plan on not resting a moment. Not. A. Single. Moment.

Here are my top 5 “TO-DOs” on my bucket list in Granada. Here goes nothing.

1. Go up to Alhambra at Sunset/Night 


I have already visited the Alhambra and it is one of the most beautiful sites I have ever been. But, at night I have only walked past and gazed at the gorgeous palace from afar. I can’t even imagine how astounding it would be to see it up close, at night.

2. Hike more in the Sierra Nevadas


I have only hiked once in Granada and it was not in the actual Sierra Nevadas. I must go hike at least once while I am living here. Catching glimpses of the mountain range while rushing to class is not acceptable.

3. Go to at least one tapas bar that Anthony Bourdain went to

I admit that I am a bit of a Bourdain fanatic. I’ve been a fan of his since middle school and to be completely honest, his episode about Granada is what made me decide to study here. How could I miss out on actually eating somewhere he went? I can’t. So, yes I will eat more in the name of Bourdain. And carpe diem.

4. Day in Ronda


This technically isn’t in Granada, but it is an easy day trip from the city centro. I’ve only seen pictures of Ronda and it looks the way I imagined Spanish towns to be in story books. It also is home to the oldest bull ring in Spain, as well as the hand of Santa Theresa. How could I not go? Road Trip!

5. Visit Federico Garcia Lorca’s House


Lorca is Granada’s prodigal son. He is a beloved poet in Spain and even more so in Granada due to the fact that it was his birthplace. He produced some of the most beautiful writing of his day, but was killed at the beginning of the Civil War. His home is located outside the city center, but it would be worth the trip. Not seeing his home would be a major disappointment for me.

Overall, these 5 “TO DOs” are only the major items on my bucket list.

I also have things like taking a flamenco dance class. Granada is a magical city. It is full of Spanish tradition and history, and yet feels refreshingly modern. In addition to my bucket list items, I plan on taking joy in the little things. Wandering around the Cathedral after siesta time or drinking a nice tinto de verano with friends are the little joys that make Granada a magical place to study.  Time to enjoy every second.

Ready. Set. Go.

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