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Why You Should Never Visit Greece

by Elizabeth Martin

Several people have the dream to travel the world. Once they get the opportunity, it can be difficult deciding where to go. Everyone is interested in and likes different things. Therefore, people want to make sure that their destination is absolutely perfect. Fortunately, I have spent the past few weeks living in Athens, Greece. I can honestly say that this place is nothing like I’ve experienced before.

Let me save everyone the trouble and explain exactly why people should avoid visiting Greece.

1. There are ferocious beasts everywhere.

By ferocious beasts, I mean extremely friendly and adorable cats. These kitties are all over Greece, but they are not seen as strays. The entire neighborhood contributes to their health by feeding them and giving them attention. They have become part of the culture here; even the post cards have cats on them!

P.S. They have dogs too, if you’re not a cat person!

2. The food is deceptive.


The food is deceiving, because I am mesmerized every time I eat! From gyros, spanakopita and Greek salads to baklava and souvlaki, they are all delicious. I am usually a picky eater; however, the mixes and blends of the flavors here allow me to eat foods I usually wouldn’t touch back home. The most I pay for an evening meal is about seven euros; it’s so cheap! I can try various dishes every day.

3. The sights will exhaust you.

View in Greece

Every time I see a new sight, I am exhausted by it. Why? Because it takes my breath away. I can never get over how gorgeous and marvelous this country is. From the temples to the beaches, everything has a certain depth and beauty to it. Everywhere I turn there is something new to be in awe of. In truth, I will never get tired of appreciating every view that surrounds me here.

4. You can’t entertain yourself here the way you’re used to.

AIFS Abroad student swimming in Greece

…and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I have been pushed out of my comfort zone to try new things that I wouldn’t get the chance to do at home. I’ve hiked up mountains, rode an ATV to the top of an island, and swam in the bluest of waters. There’s never a dull moment here in Greece! The memories I have from the adventures here will last my lifetime.

I don’t know why anyone would want to come here. It’s definitely a culture shock, and something to get used to. I tried to warn people, but if they don’t take my word for it, they will just have to come and experience the differences for themselves. It will change their lives, just like it has changed mine.

This post about why you should avoid visiting Greece was contributed by Elizabeth Martin, who is spending her fall semester with AIFS in Athens, Greece.

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