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The Five Senses of Santorini

by Elizabeth Martin
Santorini, Greece

When people think of Greece, they unknowingly tend to think of Santorini. The famous white buildings with blue rooftops has swept the globe, giving wonder and interest to everyone who hears about the enchanting island. When someone visits Santorini, they are overcome with the history and stories from hundreds of years before them.

From the volcano to the myths of it being the lost city for Atlantis, Santorini captivates a person and intrigues all five of the senses.


As soon as a person steps off the ferry or the plane, the salty smell of ocean air fills their nostrils. The longer they spend on the island, the more their nose picks up on more exciting smells. When walking down the street someone can smell Greek food, wine, perfumes, the fresh air, people, and nature all at once. The aroma that surrounds people on Santorini is nothing but pleasing.


The food is exquisite. The bread and tzatziki melts in the mouth. The main course of a seafood pasta dances on every taste-bud all the way down to the stomach. The brownie and ice-cream is warm and cold at the same time, making for an explosion of tastefulness to end the evening. The flavors that people enjoy in Santorini are unique to the island alone.


The sounds of the island are like a symphony. The flow of the people, the roar of the cars, the crash of the wave, the beat from street performers, and the laughter of the children all come together to create a beautiful melody. It is a melody that one can’t help but get into and become a part of the grand finale.  The songs of Santorini are special and will get stuck in people’s heads.


Everything about Santorini is smooth. The marble stoned pathways make for an easy walk on the heels. The souvenirs are nice and soft as tourists walk by and touch them to show interest. Even the friendly cats on the street are furry and fluffy. The textures around Santorini are always pleasing and inviting.


Probably the most important sense that Santorini holds hostage is sight. The sides of the mountain look as if they used to be coral reefs underwater (hints the Atlantis story). The volcano grabs the eye by being the dark figure in the middle of the ocean amidst all of the other bright colors. Blue and white are painted on all of the buildings to make it look like the sea. Beautiful flowers line the streets and cover the buildings as if the entire island is a massive garden. Every sight in Santorini is like a picture on a postcard waiting to be shared with the world.

When visiting Greece, Santorini is a must. The blue waters are inviting everyone to take a dip and try out their waters. The people are waiting to greet everyone with nothing but hospitality and service. The food is waiting to be tasted and the roses are waiting for people to stop and smell. Santorini pleases the senses in the most spontaneous and intriguing ways.

This post was contributed by Elizabeth Martin, who is spending a semester studying abroad with AIFS in Athens, Greece.

The Five Senses of Santorini, Greece | AIFS Study Abroad
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