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My Experience as an Intern Abroad

by Mackenzie Boland
My Experience as an Intern Abroad | AIFS Study Abroad

Last Updated on June 21, 2019 by Mackenzie Boland

I knew that I wanted my experience abroad to be meaningful, immersive, challenging, and fun! At the beginning of the semester I was still unsure of exactly which way I wanted to take my career upon graduation. I had had a few internships in the past, but when presented the opportunity to intern in Florence, Italy, I jumped at the chance. A few of my internships in the past hadn’t felt as though I was truly making a difference in the company or getting as much hands on experience as I wanted. After talking with the engaging and knowledgeable internship coordinators at AIFS, I knew this internship experience would be completely different.

My Experience as an Intern Abroad | AIFS Study Abroad

I was eventually placed as an intern with Marakita Firenze. My boss started her own business, Marakita, about 8 years ago. She specializes in handbags. My role would be in the areas of event coordinating, marketing, and communications. Right up my alley!

My Experience as an Intern Abroad | AIFS Study Abroad

Throughout the semester I got my hands on so many projects. I created a look book of her products that was sent to buyers and a business plan to improve her online sales, which we entered in a contest. I recreated her Amazon Shop, helped coordinate two events with other American universities, and more! Through all these projects I continued to be motivated and work hard for Marakita, because my work was actually making a difference in the company. I also learned an immense amount about how difficult, but rewarding, owning your own business is.

Interning was one of the best decisions I made this semester. I learned so much about my field, gained a better understanding of my career aspirations, met other American interns from other programs, was still able to travel, and build up my résumé. I have had an amazing semester abroad, and interning was a huge contributing factor!

This post was contributed by Mackenzie Boland, who has spent her semester interning and studying abroad with AIFS in Florence, Italy.

If you are a college student and would like to learn about opportunities to intern abroad for a fantastic experience like Mackenzie’s, visit our Internships Abroad page, call (800) 727-2437 or email studyabroad@aifs.com for more information.

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