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5 Reasons NOT to Visit Salamanca, Spain (Wink Wink)

by AIFS Abroad
Salamanca, Spain

Salamanca is famed for being one of the most diverse, beautiful, and intriguing cities in Spain. However, a visit to Salamanca may not be for everyone… especially if, for example, delicious food just isn’t your thing! Although we at AIFS Abroad regularly dream of touring this city, take note of these five things before you visit.

Here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t visit Salamanca, Spain:

1. Delicious Food Just Isn’t Your Thing

Definitely don’t visit Salamanca, Spain if you hate delicious, mouthwatering food. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Salamanca has a unique and delicious food culture that’s shaped by a variety of local ingredients sourced from the mountains, meadows, and pastures of Spain’s countryside. From savory dishes like paella and tortilla española to sweet treats like marzipan and turron, Salamanca has a taste for every foodie.

2. You Hate Learning About History and Culture

If you’d rather not explore somewhere that’s rich with history and culture, Salamanca probably isn’t for you. Salamanca has an intriguing, diverse culture that dates back over 2,000 years. From its simple start as a small hilltop village, Salamanca grew into a city that would host the Romans, Visigoths, and Moors (to name a few). Today, Salamanca’s culture is a culmination of hundreds of different customs passed down for generations.

3. Extraordinary Sights Don’t Do it for You

Not interested in seeing some of Spain’s most extraordinary sights? Then skip out on the Golden City of Salamanca. This city is home to some of Spain’s most attractive buildings and architecture. Its magnificent array of architectural styles paints a picture of its distinct past with a mixture of Renaissance, Gothic, Moorish, and Baroque styles. Just check out photos of the Casa de las Conches or the Plaza Mayor and you’ll catch a glimpse of the city’s incomparable beauty.

4. You’d Rather Explore a Really Boring Destination

The oldest university in Spain, Spain’s most magnificent plaza, and a diverse international student population are just a few things that make Salamanca an exciting place to visit. If you prefer to be bored, avoid this Spanish city! Although the city is ancient, the large international student population at Salamanca University brings vibrant life and energy to the city both day and night.

5. You Prefer Somewhere That’s Difficult to Get to

Do you love the frustration of traveling to places that are really hard to get to? Salamanca is in an ideal, central location – so it may not be great for you if that’s the case! Not only is there plenty to do within the city, but its central location also makes it easy to get to and from other must-see destinations in Spain and beyond. Salamanca is only a short trip from Madrid, Toledo, Zamora, the Portugal border, and an array of mountains, canyons, and quiet villages.

So, if you hate delicious food, extraordinary sights, exciting attractions and fascinating history – all in one central location – Salamanca may not be the place for you. For the rest of us, though, it’s evident why Salamanca is one of Spain’s most beloved cities – and why it deserves a spot on every traveler’s bucket list!

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