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5 European Capitals Where You Can Study Fashion Abroad

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Europe is home to some of the world’s most famous and beloved fashion capitals. If you’re interested in fashion, chances are you’ve dreamed of visiting the cities on our list below. But can you imagine living there? If you study fashion abroad with AIFS, five of our study abroad programs in Europe include fantastic fashion courses. Outside of the classroom, you’ll take a daily dive into the culture and fashion scene of one of these spectacular European cities while living there for a few months.

Here are the top 5 European capital cities to study fashion abroad this fall:

1. London, England

Hoping to travel to royal London? Home to one of the “Big Four” fashion weeks, London is a global capital of fashion and inspires trends for the rest of the world. While studying abroad in London this fall at Richmond, The American International University in London, you can choose from an assortment of 3-credit fashion courses in areas like marketing, psychology, communications and more.

2. Paris, France

Needless to say, Paris is a dream destination for fashion lovers. Arguably the most famous fashion hub in the world, Paris (like London) is a Big Four fashion week host. For centuries fashion has played a major role in defining the culture of France – especially in its capital. When you study abroad in Paris this fall with AIFS, each of our three unique Paris study abroad programs offer courses in fashion.

3. Florence, Italy

Fashion is one of the most bustling and important businesses in Florence, Italy. The city serves as a strategic center for the global fashion industry, and a variety of well-known fashion firms and museums are only a short ride away. While studying abroad in Florence with AIFS, you’ll have the opportunity to take courses on topics like fashion marketing, fashion and media, and more!

4. Rome, Italy

Ever dreamed of exploring the eternal city of Rome? As one of the world’s most historically influential cities, Rome inspires an incomparable curiosity to learn more. For anyone interested in fashion our fall study abroad program in Rome includes a Fashion and Media course, so you can gain academic credit learning what you love – while living in a city loved by millions.

5. Barcelona, Spain

One of Europe’s most vibrant and beloved cities, Barcelona is a dream destination for study abroad students. The city is known for its “cool” fashion image and creative trends, making it an ideal location to learn more about the fashion industry. This fall, the Universitat de Vic in Barcelona is offering a Marketing and Fashion course that gives study abroad students the chance to discover Barcelona’s distinctive fashion scene.

Bonus: We also offer a three-week multi-destination Study & Travel summer study abroad program where you can study fashion abroad in multiple cities across Europe, including London, Milan, Paris and Florence! Click here to learn more about the AIFS Fashion Marketing program.

Do you have a passion for fashion? Are you also hoping to study abroad?

Want to study fashion abroad? Here are five European cities where it's possible to make your dreams a reality. Study fashion marketing and merchandising in cities like Rome, Florence, London, Barcelona, or Paris. | AIFS Study Abroad
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