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Why Grenoble is the Best City in France to Study Abroad

by Hannah Deno
Grenoble, France | AIFS Study Abroad

France is a beautiful country full of culture and history everywhere you go. Paris is probably the first place that comes to mind when trying to decide what city choose to study abroad in France. It’s one of the most famous cities in the world, and the idea of living in Paris can be alluring. However, it is Grenoble — a small village in the French Alps — that I believe to be the city in which you can experience the best of French culture abroad.

Here are four reasons why Grenoble is the perfect city for someone who wants to study abroad in France:

Size and Charm

Grenoble can be underrated when compared to the larger and more famous cities in France, like Paris, Nice, and Marseille. There’s a lot of hidden charm to Grenoble that you have to discover for yourself to fully understand. It’s a small, quiet city. Without the swarms of tourists, it’s the perfect place to study and live an authentic French life without feeling like a foreigner.

Tons to Do

There’s also always something to do and new places to explore. Grenoble has so many amazing restaurants, cafés, and shops where you can try a variety of the best French products and food. There are so many activities that go on throughout the city that you’ll never be bored. The best part is that you’re never more than a 30-minute tram ride at most to anywhere in the city.

Focus on Sport and Staying Active

Grenoble is also a great place for anyone who wants to stay active. Whether it’s skiing in the winter, or hiking in the summer, the mountains serve as a beautiful backdrop to explore or work out, whether you enjoy sports or not. You’ll also feel inspired since Grenoble was the host city for the 1976 Winter Olympics.

Culture and Language Hub

Finally, Grenoble is the best place to completely immerse yourself in French culture. It’s a great place to learn French and use it on a daily basis. The people of Grenoble are all very nice and helpful, even if your French skills aren’t quite up to par. You’ll feel comfortable talking with them and learning all there is to know about French life away from the busy tourist hubs.

The most important decision you will have to make after you’ve committed to studying abroad is where you’ll go. The world is so a vast with so many different fascinating places to travel. The city in which you’ll study abroad will become a second home, a place where you’ll grow and find yourself, so it should not be a decision you take lightly.

Many factors will go into where you’ll study abroad, such as the language and culture you would like to experience, and what goals you have set for yourself and your trip. If all those factors lead you to study abroad in France, Grenoble is the best city to live out your experience.

Grenoble, France | AIFS Study Abroad
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