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6 Reasons to Intern in New York City

by AIFS Abroad
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They say, “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” That may sound like a brag, and New Yorkers love to brag, but doing an internship in New York City really does prepare you to work anywhere. Not only does it show your ability to adapt to a new city (only the biggest in the country), but you will also develop a working relationship with a company or organization in a city that has a reputation for professionalism and scale. 

If you’re looking to do an internship that will define your career trajectory, here’s why you should do it in New York City: 

New York Work Ethic 

Ehy, we’re working over here! No, but seriously, many New Yorkers are from other places and decided to pick their lives up and move to the city for higher pay and more job opportunities. Work culture is very important there. That isn’t to say it’s all work and no play, however. New York City companies know that their interns are not just investments, but people, and people need to be kept happy and mentally secure. Part of the NYC work ethic is finding a work-life balance that will ultimately make you more productive at your internship.

Car-Free Commutes 

If you have an internship that requires you to go to the office, there’s no shortage of public transportation if you don’t have your own car. In addition to buses, ferries, taxis and ride shares, New York has one of the largest subways in the world with 470+ stations littered anywhere you need to get to in the city.

Aerial view of Central Park in NYC

Four-Season City That’s Always Open 

New Yorkers are too busy to let a little weather stop them, no matter the season. New York City, like most east coast cities, experiences all four seasons, and they thrive in all of them. While summers are hot and humid, New Yorkers stay cool by hanging out at rooftop bars or even unlocking their neighborhood fire hydrant and dancing in the water. Fall is breezy but beautiful, especially in Central Park, where the leaves turn a lively variety of orange and brown. New York City winters occasionally receive heavy snow, but the city’s snowplows are well prepared. Rarely are roads or bike lanes unusable for more than a few minutes or so. And spring showers are no match for the city’s complex network of scaffolding! No matter what season you choose to intern there, you’ll love your experience in New York City!

The City That Truly Never Sleeps 

Another NYC-centric cliché that is actually true is that things are open later. Whether you’re burning the midnight oil at your internship and need some late-night grub or want to have a little nightcap with colleagues before heading home, there’s bound to be someplace open nearby no matter how late you’re up. This also means you can fit more of the New York City sights and activities during your time there as an intern. 

New York City at night

Non-Stop Networking 

With such a dense population in a relatively small area, you’re bound to run into someone that can help your career. As one the biggest business centers in the world, many companies host networking events where you can learn about their success and meet other interns and potential future employers. Even chance meetings in New York City, whether it’s at a coffee shop, a bar, or seeing a Broadway show can offer fruitful networking opportunities. 

AIFS Abroad internship program participant in New York City at dusk

Gateway to Other Adventures 

Not only is New York City a fantastic destination in its own right, transportation is wildly available to visit other locations on the east coast. Hop on an Amtrak or Megabus and you can be in other east coast cities such as Boston, D.C., Philadelphia or Baltimore in a matter of hours. Other rails can take you to beautiful upstate destinations if you need a break from the city. New York City has three main airports, so if you ever need to travel by plane, there’s probably a flight available for your destination at one of them. 

“After NYC, I went on a trip round Washington, DC and Boston. DC is closer and is very, very cool – so you need to go there! I also went to the Hamptons for a shoot while at my internship and would recommend.”

– Maddy, AIFS Abroad intern in New York City (pictured here)

If you’re looking for challenging but rewarding internship, there’s no place more challenging yet rewarding than New York City. 

If you’re considering an internship in New York City, you’ve come to the right place! Here at AIFS Abroad, we offer incredible program options in a variety of different career fields. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in all  the city has to offer, learning valuable life skills in what some consider is the greatest city on the planet. Are you ready?

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