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Benefits of Multi-Destination Study Abroad Programs 

by AIFS Abroad
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Want to study abroad but can’t decide on just one city? Well, you’re in luck! AIFS Abroad offers multi-destination study abroad programs, called Study + Travel, and they have tons of benefits. Swap your textbooks for passports, classrooms for historical landmarks, and lectures for immersive cultural experiences. 

If you’re looking to study abroad, you should consider a multi-destination program. Here a few of the many reasons why.

Study one course in multiple locations for an international perspective

When you choose a multi-destination study abroad program, you’ll examine your chosen program’s subject matter through the lens of different countries and cities. You’ll gain a global perspective on the course’s topic, and a deeper understanding of different societies, traditions, and ways of life.

For example, our Fashion Marketing program makes stops in four European fashion capitals: London, Paris, Milan, and Florence. This gives students the opportunity to explore the role of marketing communication, its cross-functional importance, and its contribution to fashion business success in the context of these different cities and cultures! 

Experience a taste of life and culture in multiple places

Why have a regular meal when you can eat at a buffet? A multi-destination study abroad program can provide you with a cultural buffet, allowing you access experience life in a variety of global hotspots, big and small. Each place you stop in will have its own unique vibe, cuisine, traditions, and people to meet, so you’ll never be short on new adventures. Plus, you’ll be experiencing it with other students interested in the same things as you, creating a lifetime bond. 

“I would much rather explore and see multiple cities, especially while studying the fashion business, than to stay in one place and get comfortable. There was always an itch each time that made me so excited to see what the next city would be like and compare and contrast.”

– Brooke C., AIFS Abroad alum, Fashion Marketing multi-destination program
Group of study abroad students in front of the Milan Cathedral in Italy
AIFS Abroad students in Milan on our multi-destination European Art & Culture study abroad program

They’re often short-term

One of the biggest benefits of multi-destination study abroad programs is that they tend to be shorter in nature — and this is of benefit for a lot of reasons! First, it’s cost effective, which is great for students who are concerned about affordability. Plus, you’ll reduce the feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out) on campus by being away for less time (and often during your summer or winter breaks!). With a shorter program, you won’t miss as many sports, activities, social events, or memories made with your pals at school, and you’ll be back in time to start the next semester with them! 

Get an idea of places you’d like to return to

Because multi-destination programs tend to be shorter, they give students a great opportunity to dip their toe into study abroad life. College itself is a big move for many young people starting out on their own, and some people feel apprehensive about spending several months in another country after just getting used to living away from home. If you choose a multi-destination program and are enamored with one of the places it stops in, you could get inspired to sign up for a semester or academic year program!

AIFS Abroad student shares experience on multi-destination Comparative Healthcare study abroad program

Earn college credits while traveling

At its core, studying abroad is a high-impact educational opportunity and a way to immerse yourself in a new culture! While many students doing a single-destination program travel on the weekends, with a multi-destination program, you can earn credits toward your degree while traveling.

Personal growth and new skills

Have you ever had to travel to multiple cities and countries in less than a month? It may sound like a difficult thing to do, but by the end of your multi-destination program, you’ll be an expert! Taking a course while traveling will help you learn so many things — not only about the subject matter, but things that you can take with you in your career and life. You’ll develop soft skills like time management, adaptability, and cross-cultural awareness — all abilities future employers will value! 

So, if you want to study abroad but aren’t married to any place in particular, why not choose a program where you get to learn on-the-go in multiple destinations? 

AIFS Abroad’s multi-destination study abroad programs offer college students a transformative and enriching experience that goes beyond academics. Whether you’re interested in learning about Comparative Healthcare, Fashion Marketing, European Art and Culture, or another topic, you’ll love making the world your classroom. 

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