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Benefits of Studying Abroad During the Summer

by AIFS Abroad
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So, you know you want to study abroad, but you aren’t sure how to fit it into your schedule during the fall or spring semesters? A study abroad summer program might be the perfect solution! Although summer study abroad programs are shorter than fall and spring semester programs, you’re sure to make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Here are 8 reasons why study abroad summer programs are amazing: 

1. It’s the best time to get ahead 

Studying abroad during the summer is a fantastic opportunity to earn credits towards graduation. Earn credits over the summer to stay on track with your academic goals – or even graduate sooner than you planned!  


Get a glimpse into Sydni’s summer adventure at Shakespeare’s Globe in London! She went live with us and told us about her study abroad journey — including her take on the incredible benefits of a summer study abroad program specifically.     From the great weather to staying on top of classes and credits,  Sydni, a proud @Hofstra University student, shares how a summer program was the right fit for her. 🎭🇬🇧    Want to hear more about Sydni’s experience? Watch the full interview on our YouTube channel!     #studyabroad #shakespearesglobe #londonadventures #friendshipgoals #aifsabroad #studyabroad #theater #studyabroadlondon #studyabroadengland #studyabroadsummer #summerprograms #interview #hofstra #hofstrauniversity #theatermajor #dramamajor 

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Sydni, an AIFS Abroad alum who spent a summer studying abroad in London, England at Shakespeare’s Globe, talks about the benefits of summer programs.

2. You won’t miss out on campus life 

Many students who are very involved in activities or athletics at their home university prefer to study abroad during the summer session and avoid FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) during the fall and spring semesters. Plus, you’ll have plenty of stories about your study abroad experience to tell your friends when you return! 

3. You’ll love the cultural activities and excursions 

AIFS programs include a range of social and cultural activities to help you learn more about your study abroad location. From walking tours to world-class theater and museum visits to weekend excursions, you’ll have an unforgettable summer abroad. 

4. There are plenty of interesting (and fun!) courses 

Summer programs are a great opportunity to study a new (or familiar) topic from an intercultural perspective. Many summer courses approach topics from a global lens or relate directly to your study abroad location. Plus, the summer session is a wonderful time to take electives. Have you always wanted to take a certain class, but couldn’t fit it into your schedule during the semester? Summer is your chance to study something you’ve always wanted to learn. 

5. Study abroad for a short period – or combine sessions and stay longer  

AIFS study abroad summer programs range from about three weeks long to up to twelve weeks long. Many of our summer study abroad programs offer courses over multiple sessions, so you can decide when you want to go abroad or combine sessions for a longer adventure. 

6. Cross multiple countries off your bucket list 

AIFS offers a ton of exciting multi-destination programs during the summer. Having trouble deciding on just one study abroad destination? Choose an AIFS summer study + travel program and visit a series of international cities while focusing on one course throughout the trip. 

7. It’s budget-friendly 

Since summer study abroad programs are shorter than semester-long programs, they usually cost less. If finances are holding you back from studying abroad during the fall or spring semesters, consider a summer program. With programs ranging from 3- to 12-weeks, it’s possible to find a budget-friendly solution. 

8. You can boost your résumé abroad  

Did you know that AIFS offers opportunities to volunteer or intern abroad during the summer? One of the best ways to immerse yourself in another culture is to get involved in the community and volunteer or intern abroad. AIFS internship programs provide students with global work experience, practical exposure to specific jobs, and opportunities to develop both their professional and personal skills. Similarly, service learning and volunteering can also build personal and professional skills, while also giving back to your local community abroad. 

Dreaming of studying abroad this summer? Let AIFS help you make your dreams reality. 

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