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Meet the AIFS Study Abroad Summer 2018 Student Bloggers!

Summer 2018

Mackenzie Behm
AIFS Program: France – Paris
Home University: University of Florida

My name is Mackenzie, and I’m a 3rd-year journalism student at the University of Florida. I chose to go to Paris because they have the most interesting characters from Vincent Van Gogh to Coco Chanel. I also always joke that my favorite food is bread so find me in pure bliss eating 20 million baguettes during my time there. Some fun facts about me are that I had a pet duck once, and I can also speak gibberish!

Solaine Carter
AIFS Program: France – Grenoble
Home University: Bates College

My name is Solaine Carter. I am from Tucson, Arizona. I am a rising sophomore at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine! The move from a hot/dry desert to a freezing cold climate was quite the shock. I choose to study in Grenoble because I wanted a small community where I could really work on my French language skills. Multiple professors at my college recommended Grenoble as a study abroad location and once I found out that it was close to the Alps I was sold! Fun fact: I’ve eaten a sea urchin and durian, but not at the same time!

Taylor Del Valle
AIFS Program: Spain – Salamanca
Home University: Towson University

My name is Taylor Del Valle and I am a student at Towson University in Towson, Maryland. I love my school and my home state of New York, but I know that there are so many other amazing experiences outside of my own backyard. That’s why I decided to study abroad in Salamanca, Spain this summer! Spain is the perfect place to become immersed in a rich culture much different from that in the United States, and I cannot wait to learn all that I can while in Spain. A fun fact about me is that I am the Chapter President of my sorority!

Emalee Garboski
AIFS Program: Costa Rica – San Jose
Home University: Saint Michael’s College

Hey there! My name is Emalee Garboski and I’m studying anthropology and environmental studies at Saint Michael’s College in Colchester, VT. I’m so excited to go to Costa Rica and experience the biodiversity and learn how I can help promote conservation and awareness of environmental degradation, as well as possible solutions to these problems. My dream job is to someday become an environmental lawyer to encourage eco-friendly decisions made by companies and other businesses.

Kayla Jackson
AIFS Program: England – London
Home University: Ball State University

My name is Kayla Jackson and I’m from South Bend, Indiana. I go to Ball State University and this summer I am studying abroad with AIFS in London, England! I have always had a deep passion for British culture, mostly through media. And yes I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, how could I not be?! (Fun fact: I’m a Ravenclaw.)

Rosalind Jackson Roe
AIFS Program: Italy – Florence
Home University: University of the Pacific

Travel has always been a passion, and I am thrilled that I get to share my journey with you this summer! My name is Rosalind, and I am completing a double major in Engineering Management and Theatre at the University of the Pacific in California. I lived in Trieste, Italy for two years and it has been incredible to return to Italy with AIFS this summer. While I’m here, I’ll be studying the Psychology of Fashion and Luxury Goods, Photography for Media, and Intermediate Italian. Follow me on Instagram @rosroe and feel free to comment or DM me with any blog posts you would like to read!

Breyanna Johnson
AIFS Program: Fashion Marketing and Merchandising
Home University: Indiana University Indianapolis

Hi there! My name is Breyanna Johnson, but feel free to call me Bre. I’m currently a marketing major at Indiana University, Indianapolis. I chose Fashion Marketing and Merchandising because it enables me to tap into a specific industry, while continuing my knowledge in said concentration of study. Another reason I chose this program was because of the multi-city feature. To be able to visit some of the fashion capitals of the world is unimaginable, so I can’t wait to tell about my experiences. One fun fact about myself, is that I’m able to pick up objects with my feet.

Rachel Katz
AIFS Program: Ireland – Maynooth
Home University: Western Washington University

My name is Rachel and I go to school at Western Washington University. I have always dreamed of going to Ireland because of it’s sheer beauty, and I cannot wait to finally visit and study abroad there! Something interesting about myslef is that I love watching sports, but I do not play them often.

Caitlyn McDowell
AIFS Program: Spain – Salamanca
Home University: Oklahoma State University

My name is Caitlyn McDowell, and I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I attend Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK. I chose OSU because of their cheer program, but I also love the campus, my major, and my opportunities! I am a member of Phi Mu sorority and enjoy all of the events associated with it. I picked Salamanca mostly due to the timing of the trip, but I have wanted to study in Spain for as long as I can remember. A fun fact about me is that I have a selfie with P-Diddy.

Samantha O’Leary
AIFS Program: Czech Republic – Prague
Home University: Ohio State University

I chose to study abroad in Prague because of the city’s appeal. It’s full of rich history, beautiful architecture and delicious food that I am eager to experience and explore! Fun fact: I am one of four girls all born within five years!

Chelsea Perreau
AIFS Program: Ireland – Maynooth
Home University: University of Houston

Hey y’all! I’m Chelsea, a rising senior at the University of Houston. I am majoring in Human Resource Development with a minor in Psychology. My parents were flight attendants, so I’m pretty sure that’s where I get the “travel bug” from. I chose to study abroad in Maynooth, Ireland because I wanted to stay in a small college town and experience a change from Houston. A fun fact about me is that I was a competitive figure skater for 10 years! I can’t wait to be in Ireland and share my journey with everyone!

Addison Perry
AIFS Program: Czech Republic – Prague
Home University: University of South Florida

My name is Addison and I am from Tampa, FL. I attend the University of South Florida and am studying business there! I decided to study in Prague because of its rich history, beautiful architecture, and proximity to other European countries. I really love writing, travel, and photography. A fun fact about me is that I’ve been to 27 US states, and 6 countries and can’t wait to add to that list!

Chantelle Reider
AIFS Program: England – London, The Globe
Home University: Cornell College

Hello, my name is Chantelle, I’m nineteen, and I am currently studying at Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa. I chose to study in the UK because of my love for Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and rain. (On top of all that, their accents are simply amazing.) Something that most people now don’t know about me, is that I’m trained in the Israeli military self-defense and fighting system: Krav Maga.

Suzanne Snyder
AIFS Program: Northern Ireland – Belfast
Home University: University of Alaska Anchorage

Suzanne was born and raised in Alaska. She is a senior at the University of Alaska Anchorage studying Elementary Education. She is an avid traveler, and has backpacked across Southeast Asia and performed in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She loves animals and has a rabbit named Samwise 🐰 and a hedgehog named Frodo. She chose to study in Belfast because of its beautiful scenery, history, and sheep 🐑. She is excited to participate in the Education for Social Transformation program at Queen’s University. She is very grateful for this opportunity to study abroad, and to be an AIFS Blogger!

Ryan Springer
AIFS Program: England – London
Home University: Illinois State University

My name is Ryan Springer and I am a Business major at Illinois State University. I am going to be a senior this year, but my freshman year I created the school’s first chess team in the university’s over 150 year history. Back in 2016 I visited London, but it was for less than a week and I have since been wanting to come back. This year I was finally able to live my dream of studying abroad here in London.

Steven Vargas
AIFS Program: England – London, The Globe
Home University: University of Southern California

I’m Steven Vargas, an upcoming junior from the University of Southern California. I am double majoring in theatre (acting) and journalism, with a minor in dance. I decided to study abroad because I wanted to explore theatre outside of Los Angeles. I focus most of my work on art as activism, so I want this experience to give me a new perspective on international issues, as well as those outside of the U.S. Fun fact: I was an architecture major for a day before switching to theatre.

Sarah Wilson
AIFS Program: England – London
Home University: Denison University

Sarah Wilson is a sophomore Theatre/English major from Denison University. This summer, Sarah is studying at Richmond University in London. She chose to study abroad in the United Kingdom because of its amazing history! She is super excited to learn more about the culture she grew up with because her dad was born in the UK!

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