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Reflecting on My Study Abroad + Internship in Prague

by AIFS Abroad
Young woman in Prague | AIFS Study Abroad

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We caught up with Hannah S., an AIFS Study Abroad in Prague, Czech Republic student from Rhodes College. Hannah is currently partaking in our Study Abroad + Internship program opportunity. Learn more about Hannah’s experience doing an internship in Prague while taking classes:

Why did you decide to do an internship abroad?

I made the decision to pursue an internship abroad because of my major. At my home university I am an international business major, so the opportunity to work in an international work setting was something that I could not pass up.

Why did you choose Prague, Czech Republic as your Study Abroad + Internship program location?

I chose to study abroad in Prague because I wanted to do something different than what most of my peers were doing. I did not know of many people that had studied in Prague. I didn’t select Prague because of the internship component; it just happened to be an added bonus. I realized that with Prague I would have the ability to truly experience everything that the city has to offer, and, as my time abroad draws to close, I can definitely attest to this being true.

What field is your internship in? How does it connect (if at all) to your major at your home university?

As mentioned previously, I am an international business major, so my internship directly correlates to my studies. During my internship I have been working as an International Promotion Specialist with the Partner Relations team at a sports-related business. The Partner Relations team is a subset of the marketing department that manages brand partnerships. Through this internship and the company’s strategic brand partnerships I have gained exposure to a whole new side of marketing. Additionally, I have witnessed the process of securing cross-cultural partnerships.

Tell us about a typical day-in-the-life as an intern in Prague who is also taking classes.

On the days that I have my internship, I either have class in the remaining part of the day or I do not have much going on, so I dedicate this time to writing about my internship experience or exploring Prague. When I am in not in classes or at my internship, I might be sitting in a cafe working on some homework, grocery shopping, going to explore a new area of Prague, going to a museum, or hanging out with friends. It really depends on the day. That’s part of what makes this experience so unique. I know that if I was at my home university, I would not have used an afternoon off from classes to go explore a museum or new area. At home, I have a much tighter schedule, but now, if a colleague from my internship gives me a recommendation for a new restaurant or a place to visit, then I have enough time to go.

College student's workspace for internship in Prague | AIFS Study Abroad

What have you learned personally and professionally from this Study Abroad + Internship experience so far?

Personally and professionally, I have learned more about what type of work environment suits me best based on my personality and working styles, and what I hope to get out of my future work environments on a day-to-day basis.

Would you recommend this type of program to other students? If so, why? 

I would recommend this internship program to anyone who genuinely enjoys getting to know other people and learning about different backgrounds and cultures. Everyone that I met throughout the internship has been extremely welcoming and excited to share their culture with me, as well as learn about my background.

Young woman in Prague | AIFS Study Abroad

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