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Studying Abroad in Berlin? Here are Four Weekend Trips You Can’t Miss

by AIFS Abroad
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One of the perks of studying abroad in Europe is being able to use your free weekends to explore the continent — and with ease! Berlin, Germany is an ideal location for weekend trips, as it’s located in the middle of Europe with hundreds of trains, buses, and flight connections to most major European cities. When you study abroad in Berlin, the world is your oyster.

Here are four incredible destinations for weekend trips from Berlin, as recommended by our local team there:

Each of these destinations is less than eight hours away from Berlin, making them the perfect getaway destinations for adventurous students.

AIFS Study Abroad in Prague, Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic

1. Prague, Czech Republic

Distance from Berlin: Less than four hours by train

Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, is always worth a visit. It is located only 200 miles away from Berlin — about the distance between New York City and Boston — and is easily reached by train.

In Prague you’ll find a city filled with history and a unique culture which mixes influences from Germany and Eastern Europe. Highlights include Prague Castle, the famous Charles Bridge, and the city’s world-famous café and brewery culture.

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Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

Distance from Berlin: Just over seven hours by train

Copenhagen is Denmark’s capital city, and it’s amongst the most beautiful cities in Europe. Known for its Scandinavian charm and sophistication, Copenhagen makes a perfect weekend trip from Berlin.

See the historic city center which inspired The Little Mermaid, or venture out to Kronborg — home of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. With its coastal location, Copenhagen is also home to some of the best fish and seafood in Europe and the world.

Munich, Germany
Munich, Germany

3. Munich, Germany

Distance from Berlin: Just over four hours by train

While Berlin is Germany’s capital city, it is often said that Berlin and Germany are more like two different countries. Getting out of Berlin and seeing the the rest of Germany is crucial to understanding the culture. A great place to start is Munich, capital of the German region of Bavaria.

Munich is home to the famous Oktoberfest festival and the royal palace of the former Bavarian kings. The city is also where you’ll find easy access to more classically German sites, like the Disney-esque Neuschwanstein Castle, which is a little over an hour and a half away. It’s also close to Salzburg in neighboring Austria, the filming location for The Sound of Music.

Brussels, Belgium
Brussels, Belgium

4. Brussels, Belgium

Distance from Berlin: Just over seven hours by train

Brussels is one of the most underrated of Europe’s capitals. The city has a long, diverse and complex history. Brussels is the current capital of both Belgium and the European Union, making it one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities.

Food in Brussels is particularly distinct! You’ll find traditional waffles, chocolate, and Belgian Fries (don’t call them French fries!), but you’ll also get experience more diverse additions such as Middle Eastern, Latin American, and other global cuisines.

Ready to book one of these weekend trips from Berlin?

Studying abroad in Berlin opens up the doors to Europe. You can experience these incredible nearby destinations, as well as many others, when you live and learn there with AIFS Abroad for a semester, academic year, summer, or J-Term. We offer both study abroad and international internship programs in Germany’s capital city. Will you join us?

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