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5 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Berlin in Your 20s

by AIFS Abroad
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Germany’s capital city of Berlin boasts unforgettable character and charm that attracts millions of visitors each year.

There’s something incomparable about the energy there, and its rapidly changing environment only amplifies the appeal and excitement of visiting. While Berlin’s millions of diverse visitors come from an array of countries and demographics, one thing’s for sure: it’s especially extraordinary to visit in your 20s.  

Here are 5 reasons why you should absolutely visit Berlin in your 20s: 

1. Its International Population

With a perfectly central geographic location and a high standard of living, Berlin attracts people from all around the world. Not only does this help its economy to boom, but it also makes the city a vibrant place to live. Besides Berlin’s rich history, it offers so much to learn in the present because of the many cultures intertwined there. Plus, the internationally-welcoming atmosphere makes it easy for study abroad students (and other international visitors) to feel right at home.

2. Its Laid-Back Lifestyle

Although Berlin certainly offers exciting nightlife and the energy of a major city, it also nurtures a laid-back and relaxed lifestyle. Just take a walk through one of Berlin’s 2,500 public parks or gardens and see for yourself. While strolling through Treptower Park on a summer afternoon, you’ll find it filled with groups of friends enjoying a slow-paced afternoon of lounging and picnic lunches.

3. Its Creative Environment

A haven for entrepreneurs and start-ups, Berlin’s ever-changing environment keeps the creative juices flowing. International singers, movie stars, and artists visit the city regularly as a result of its creative culture. Similarly, the spirit of the city fosters diverse thoughts and new ideas, which is a huge draw for study abroad students and young professionals.

4. Its Fascinating History

Berlin is quite literally a real-life textbook. Especially for study abroad students or for young people interested in history or politics, the city is incredibly fascinating. Its turbulent past, which transformed both the city and the world throughout the 20th century, is memorialized throughout Berlin – from the Brandenburg Gate to the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie.

5. Its Thriving Food Culture

Much of the cuisine in Berlin is as affordable as it is delicious. As the city is a melting pot of cultures, a tasty array of international recipes can be found throughout its restaurants, street food markets, and cozy cafes. Additionally, beer is a major part of Germany’s food culture – and Berlin is filled with popular beer gardens that support that point. It’s worth checking out one of Berlin’s beer gardens in your 20s to experience this unique element of German culture.

While these five elements are certainly some of the most popular reasons to visit Berlin in your 20s, there are hundreds more. A list of all the reasons to visit Berlin would take all day to read – so it might just be easier to discover why the city is a must-see for yourself!

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