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Summer Study Abroad: Spanish and Service Learning in Buenos Aires

by AIFS Abroad
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Interested in improving your Spanish language skills while also giving back to the local Argentine community? Look no further than the Spanish with Service Learning Program in Buenos Aires this summer! Volunteering while studying abroad is a great way to give back to the community while also interacting with locals and gaining a deeper understanding of Argentine culture

Study + Volunteer Abroad: Spanish with Service Learning Program in Buenos Aires 

The Spanish with Service Learning Program is designed for students with a High Intermediate level of Spanish who want to improve their language skills while also engaging in community service. Over 8 weeks, students earn up to 15 credits taking Spanish language courses alongside a 60-hour volunteer placement in Buenos Aires. Placements are available in the fields of health, science and technology, education, ecology and the environment. 

Students take an intensive Spanish class in the mornings, followed by the service learning component in the afternoons. To guarantee their success in the program, students are guided by both a tutor (faculty) and mentor (from the community service site). Through meetings with their tutor and mentor, students gain meaningful insight into the culture of Buenos Aires while improving their Spanish language proficiency.   

What is it like studying abroad in Buenos Aires? 

“I believe Buenos Aires is the perfect location to step out of one’s comfort zone and dive into fast-paced city life. The program offered multiple excursions and short day trips to help acclimate the students to the area, as well as cultural workshops to further immerse us in the way of life.” – Hanna L., AIFS in Buenos Aires, Argentina alum. 

“I spoke almost no Spanish when I went to Buenos Aires, and it was a challenge for sure. I struggled the most to communicate with my host mom and with people in restaurants. But when I look at where my Spanish abilities were at the beginning and compare them to where they are now, I laugh. Immersion is the only real way to learn a language, and people want to help you! No matter what country you’re in, most people will work with you to try and puzzle out what you’re saying — or trying to say. That’s the best way to learn!” – Madeleine W., AIFS in Buenos Aires, Argentina alum. 

Spend your summer engaging in community service while improving your Spanish language skills!

Spanish and Service Learning in Buenos Aires, Argentina | AIFS Study Abroad Summer Program Options

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